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Your Individuality

Hey Fashionistas:

What is your style?

We hear and say it all the time “everyone is unique, everyone has their own style” but how many of us know what our individual style is and what it says about us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your own style and flair with fashion, it makes you stand out or blend in when necessary and be comfortable in your own skin, clothes and surroundings. Yes, we know the “clothes doesn’t make the man” but you have to admit clothes do make  a difference in how you posture yourself in life. Your individual style can give you that boost of confidence in expressing your personality and yourself.

Often times we see people in some awful “get up” but to them they look darn good because what they are wearing is in season, in fashion and it’s happening. Like seriously!! You just want to take them by the hand  to the nearest store and re-dress them or ticket them for being a public nuisance 🙂 lol

Do not try to get caught in the winds of fashion. It will only make things confusing and complicated for you, even wear you down ( pun intended) 🙂 Try to understand what styles, colors, patterns and fit compliment you, your assets and personality. Once you know your style, it will save a lot of time, effort and money because you would have eliminated majority of the clothing out there that wouldn’t suit you and focus on the chic, sophisticated and fabulous styles that enhance and highlight your strengths and best features. Knowing what works for you will ensure that your wardrobe is timeless and your appearance is up to par at all times.

Yes ya’ll, be in the know about fashion trends and what’s being worn now but do be careful with how you dress yourselves in the current trends.

“You should wear fashion, don’t let fashion wear you”

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