Hello world!

Welcome to Ease2Elegance, your style go to guide and fashion friend.

My name is Yulando G. Lee and I am very passionate about fashion and totally love all things fashionable 🙂 Being a stickler for personal appearance, I’m always looking for fashionable, chic and sophisticated styles that suit my personal image and fits into my everyday life  … and oh yeah!! affordable selections and key pieces that doesn’t break the bank.

We all want to look fabulous, find a personal style or re-define our existing image/style but sometimes lack the ability or the know how to make the transition. It can be something very simple such as adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe  palette or an eye popping, drop jaw change like a new hair cut and brilliant  hair colour. You would be surprised how the ‘minor’ styling adjustments can make you look amazing and be more confident in your posture.

Ease2Elegance will guide you with everything fashionable that you need to define your style and re-master fashion so you will standout at every occasion, in every situation, at every whim and INSPIRE!!

“how you look everyday is your best portfolio of work


3 responses

  1. Welcome to this exciting journey as we style ourselves fabulous this year 😉

    keep It Cute, Keep It Sexy, Keep it True to Your Style!!

  2. Mad a road!

    Welcome to the fold my friend! All the best.

    Just make sure you monetize it, and keep the posts coming every week.


  3. Will be sure to follow a few advice…a fashionista is in the making (me)…mi haffi go spread di word…

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