Style Your Way to The Top

We all want success and for each of us that means different things. For today, let’s talk spend some time on success in the workplace and dressing the part. In yesterday’s post, I alluded to the fact that you should dress for the job you want not for the one you have. I am not sure to what extend I have followed that advice but so far I have dressed accordingly for  my successes on the corporate ladder.

Regardless of your 9 – 5, we all want to dress appropriately in our jobs and we have a vision for how we want to portray ourselves to the people we come across both personally and professionally.

Here a some closet fixes that will help you dress for success and make a great impression. You just bring the skills to the boardroom and I will help you work it 😉


Tailored Jacket: this pulls any look together and is a very versatile must have. Try basic black, navy or gray – these ten to compliment any other colours or tone down bright shades in other clothing. Feeling bold and wnat to turn heads, go for a brilliant red or lime green, I’m serious!!

The Skirt: my favourite is a great pencil skirt, fitted but not too tight. It is quite slimming and gives you an elegant and impeccable finish to your office style. Can be worn with a fine belt for that extra detail.

Tailored Dress: a well tailored dress is an outfit by itself with clean lines and simplistic design. Sure you can go with one that carries some extra details in the styling (like the white piping and lapel at the waist in the example)










Chic Blouse: put some fun in your office style with a chic blouse. It is a simple way to introduce brighter colours and a relaxed feel into your wardrobe while still looking polished and professional.










Long Sleeve Shirt: always have a long sleeve (dress) shirt handy. It gives you a polished look without trying too hard. Do get one in white, and try other colours like pastel shades (baby blue, lilac, soft pink)  or darker hues like purple, black, navy or burgunday).









Basic Pants/Trousers: another powerful piece to have is a basic pants or trousers Again, a tailored look either in bootcut or flared leg. Try them in black, navy, gray, khaki, brown  or tan. Note: Black is a must have.











The  shoes can make or break the outfit. Heels/Pumps are a great way to lengthen your frame and give a classic look to a simple outfit.  Try a pointy toe pumps (kitten heel or higher), peep toe pumps or regular round toe pumps.


THE ACCESSORIES (Jewellery + Hanbags)

As the name suggest, these are items to accessorize an outfit, to add that flare or compliment the look. For the office, it is best to keep the jewellery to a bare minimum — a watch, ring, small earrings like knobs or pearls, a necklace, bracelet but please DO NOT wear the jewellery you own all at once. Ladies, I know we love our bags and oh yes, throw everything we own in there so in the event we get stranded on the road, we still maintain our fabulosity 🙂 I know I know!! So for work, try a Tote, Big bag or Standard size purse to trot your stuff around in. Choose a versatile bag that fits your image, lifestyle and stuff.


These are your first tools for a chic, sophisticated and comfortable option for the office. Whether your job is corporate, casual or creative, it is still strictly business so take your style to the next level that will bring out your best on and off the job.

“the style and substance of your work should always match”


2 responses

  1. Not a bad starts at all, simple and well put together …I’m impressed, but I’ll hold my final thoughts until tips have been provided on dressing a male…

  2. Well done Lando, love it!!!!!!

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