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Hot Style Trends

Hey Ya’ll:

It’s in, it’s happening and we are wearing them now…. the hottest and latest fashion duds. The upcoming season – Spring begins Tuesday, 20 March 2012, and ends Tuesday, 19 June 2012 and already some cool looks are out for the hottest and sexiest spring trends.  Yes I know, Jamaica is sunny all day every day and doesn’t have seasons but you have to admit that we do get our fashion sense and styles from the US, Canada and Europe. Their styles  may be hot for a specific season, but we have the luxury of wearing them any time of year and for the many events we will be attending in this party County :D.

Here are ten (10) Spring Fashion Trends 2012:
(1) Crop Tops – these are totally cute and sexy and makes showing skin still look lady-like as it reveals a flash of abs. Can be paired with a cool jeans, shorts or mini skirt

(2) Neon Pink – this is another sultry alternative to red

(3) Peplum Dress – this helps to create an instant hour glass shape and flatters your body type

(4) High Slit Skirt/Dress – this is a sexy way to show some legs without showing too much

(5) Leather Shorts – the edgy skirt substitute is a classic casual or dressy item

(6) Wedges – these give you some height like stilettos but they are a fun way to flatter your outfit. Just be careful in selecting the size wedge or platform as they tend to make your feet appear chunkier and sometimes doesn’t come off as cute as you would like

(7) Deep-V Neckline – a plunging neckline is a sultry stunner for the va-va-voom demour

(8) Off the Shoulder – this will show off your neckline and shoulder in a sexy way

(9) Neutrals – nude is a trend in colours that flatters your silhouette and you can try it in a single item or mix and match tones for an outfit

(10) Sheer Print  – this is a sexy , sleek and feminine look

“Keep in the Know but Let Your Fashion Sense Rule”

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