Love Yourself Naked

Hello Fashionistas,

Welcome to FEBRUARY, the month of LOVE or so they say!!  To begin this month, I want you to truly start loving your body and appreciating every single aspect of the vessel that houses who you really are.

FASHION in the general sense is the art and prevailing style of clothes, shoes, accessories and hair (head to toe ensemble) but it is also an expression of yourself. It serves as an extension of your personality, self image and self love.

Fashion and Dressing up is totally awesome but part of the complete package is the confidence to shine through the fashion. This comes from loving yourself and your body, knowing what fits your body well and choosing the appropriate items to accentuate your body and highlight your assets.

Have you ever stood in front a full length mirror for a good 10-15 minutes, NAKED? How many faults or negatives have you found and I’m guessing it’s way more that the positives, huh! If you have never done this (which I don’t believe), GO AHEAD I DARE YOU… it is quite a fun and enlightening experience.

If you can’t fully appreciate your body, you won’t be open to fashion and trying new trends. Your body tells a story, so rather than fussing about your stomach not being toned, think about the baby you brought into the world…if there is no baby story, go to the gym 🙂 lol. The wrinkles, focus on remembering all the happy moments that caused them. Embrace your whole body, loving the many parts, curves and scars that make up who you are.

DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. We are all not made to be size ‘O’ or a Kardashian sister — so it’s okay to have curves, it’s okay to be short, tall, fat or slim, as long as you are healthy and happy, you look and feel beautiful and taking great care of your body.

I encourage you to love what God gave you and to appreciate and care for your body and yourself just as you would show love and care to the most precious person in your life 😉

To truly  love anyone or anything, you must first love yourself completely inside and out.


2 responses

  1. what excercise regime do you suggest to peel away belly fat and get ripped (female) abs.

    1. Hi Daedre, thanks for your post. Unfortunately for us women, this is one of the hardest parts of our body to trim and tone. However, with at least 10 mins a day targeting just that area it can be done. You can check out this link for some of these moves to develop a routine that works for your schedule and goals:

      Note: Any one of the moves or a combination can do the trick in the comfort of your home. Additionally, exercise and eating well goes hand in hand so pay attention to the foods you eat and how they make you feel after chowing them down. All the best on shedding the lbs and toning the abs 🙂

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