RED – the colour of love

Lovers and Singletons,

What will you be wearing this VALENTINE’s. DAY?  Ah yes, the day of love, romance and all the fluff and fussyness that comes with it.

Traditionally, it is a given that RED and WHITE are the colours of choice for this day but it can be a bit of an overkill wearing red and white and let’s face it, if you are not Santa Clause, aaahhmm… you may want to consider how you adorn yourself in the colour combo.

Ladies, we love the attention and pampering we get on this day and what better way to draw attention than wearing a pop of colour like RED. Gentlemen, don’t feel left out because you too can wear the brilliant colour without doing damage to your ego and still maintain your swag. Trust me, if you can pull off pink, then you have nothing to fear with taking it up a notch!!

So for V-DAY 2012, let’s mix and match and get the right attention… here are my picks for going BOLD in RED.

LADIES FIRST, shall we…

The key is to add one main item or a few accessories in red to pull the look together. You can add a red belt, shoes, bag or jewellery to a black and white, full white or off white outfit or any other complementary hues. If you are not feeling the sublteness of red as an accessory , then make it the main item, be it a dress, shorts, blouse or the skirt. Oh and if you not feeling red as the outerwear, add the element of surprise as your underwear 😉 wink wink!! Keep it Sexy. Don’t forget the lips, pucker up in a bold red lipstick or gloss 🙂


 Now to the GENTLEMEN

You can add elements such as a hat, suspenders, sweater, vest, belt, pocket square, neck-tie or bow tie in red or if you feel the world can handle your GQ’esque swag….make a statement in a pair of fitted or slim fit pants (NOT SKIN TIGHT, please), a cool red blazer/jacket. Better yet, if you think you pull off a suit of red like Kanye West, then by all means, don’t let me stop your shine 🙂

However you add the vibrance of RED in your wardrobe, make it yours and own it. You have my permission to spice up your closet, your confidence, your life and V-day (as if you needed it, huh)…Go on with yuh bad self!!  That’s just puuurrfect for the day 🙂

 “Let Your Love So Shine, Go Bold, Be Brilliant, Go RED!!”


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