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Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!!

When we hear “Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize”, the first thing that comes to mind is jewellery. However, It goes far beyond the necklace, bracelet, rings and earrings. In addition to the jewels, accessories include Shoes, Handbags, Hosiery, Hair Ornaments, Hats, Belts, Scarves  or Pashmina, Ties, Eye or Sun Glasses and we can be extreme and say: hairstyles, makeup and coats/outerwear. It may sound simple and easy to just pick any one item or a few items and adorn yourself, but really there is an art to accessorizing. Believe it or not, you can ruin an otherwise gorgeous and fabulous outfit by choosing the wrong accessories.

Why We Accessorize?

We use accessories to change a look  from casual to elegant and vice versa, to put finishing touches on an ensemble, to update a past season/dated look, to bring attention to the most fabulous parts/features of our body or to get a particular look we may desire. Whatever the reason, we often don’t think about what we are wearing as accessories until we are ready to put on the clothing (or going somewhere) and we choose to make do with what we have at the time. It is always good when shopping to envision how you will accessorize the item, either with what you have in your collection or if you will purchase accessories as well.

How to Choose Accessories:

General Rule: It is best to go with pieces that you know will compliment what is in your closet, don’t just select an accessory because it looks good stand alone. Think of what it will go with and how you will wear it. If  it doesn’t spell sense in your vision, let it go and move on to the next.

  • Gold vs Silver: Gold goes well with earth tones and bejeweled embellishments of gold, silver or bronze sheen. Silver goes well with pastels and often the preferred metal for everyday wear.
  • Fashion/Cosmetic Jewellery are more widely used, versatile, bold and fun. They come in a variety of patterns, styles, colours, sizes and add more of a dramatic effect/change to the most boring outfits.

Jewellery Rule: pick a body part you want to accentuate: neck, face, arms. Use the jewellery to play up that area. Let’s take chandelier/statement earrings, a lovely piece to bring out your face and bone structure but you wouldn’t want to wear such an earring with a big bold necklace. The boldness of the earring already brings attention to your neck and face, so it’s best to leave your neckline bare). The reverse is true, if you have a bold necklace, keep earrings less aggressive. I’m all for you being the belle-of-the-ball in your bling, but remember less is usually more 🙂

  • Belts (fabric or leather) are a great way to create a waist, but be mindful of the size as well. Be mindful to wear them in proportion to your body type.
  • Shoes: While we love our stilettos, esp us short folks, sometimes a great pair of flats is really what the outfit requires. Chose your footwear according to the occasion, time of day and what activities may occur. (Heels at a pool party—-aaahhhm nooo) — some may disagree. lol
  • Clutches/Bags/Wristlets: Like with everything else, know the occasion and where you are going and what you need to take with you. If it’s a party, date or evening lyme you will most likely take the bare necessities, so that’s a clutch or wristlet. Judging by the occasion you will be able to know what type of bag you will use to compliment your look.
  • Hats/Leggings: May not be the first things we reach for but they are there if we need them. A baseball cap for that bad hair day; a chic fedora hat for that element of cool. Personally, not a fan of stockings, lol, As for leggings, they can be classified as the outfit as they now come in varying prints and textures so I won’t address this.

When buying accessories, pay attention to your pocket and get a bang for your buck. Take it from me, accessories do not have to cost a fortune or be overly expensive to look good. Do not overuse them, keep it simple but try some bold pieces as well for a different flare and new look. Pair them one item or 2 items at a time and know your style and what will work for you. If you are not sure, I am here and I’m sure you have friends to help you choose.

“diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

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