Spring and Florals

We are few days from Spring and a great staple for this season is floral print. It’s a really pretty and fun trend that brightens up your mood, attitude and your day 🙂 Who wouldn’t want that?

Introduce this trend without going over the top, try floral print in one statement piece: a skirt, a flirty blouse, a dress, a romper or playsuit, a printed bag or shoe. Just do one! I will stress the point, Do Not Go Overboard with the trend, you do not want to look like a flowers garden from head to toe 😦 this is a no-no!! (straight face). When it comes to Floral, the saying “less is more” really applies here.

Get the right mix of patterns by going for colours in the print that best suits your skin tone. Be mindful of the Floral print size as it needs to be proportioned to your body type. It should be relative to your height and built. Petites (like me), stay away from larger prints, it is likely to wear you as opposed to you wearing the trend well. If you are full figured, don’t go too small as this can make you look bigger. The design of the item of clothing should also compliment your physique and accentuate the area you most likely want to show off or draw attention to.

“while a bee sting means money, it’s a cruel b**ch, so be a flower not the whole garden”


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  1. Spring bling in full effect

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