Let’s Go to the Beach (Pool Party)!!

It is not yet summer, but in Jamaica, the beach or pool side is like an everyday event. So, as we roll into the Easter Holidays, it is no different as there are quite a few beach and pool parties happening this weekend. One to check out is NSA (No Strings Attach’d) being hosted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at the Vista Ambassador Hotel, Montego Bay (Bring a Friend and Tell a Friend).

So now that you have decided to attend this or any other “water” party, you are probably wondering what to wear and while the first thing that comes to mind is a swimsuit. Remember, though it is a party by the pool or at the beach, it still requires a little closet therapy for obvious reasons. It is not just a regular trip to the pool side and it is not just the swimsuit, it is the overall look and presentation of your body, the fit and form of the swimsuit and let’s face it “it’s a party, it’s a party, it’s party”, who wouldn’t want to dress up.

The key is to find the right fit and perfect swimsuit for your body type/shape: apple, banana, pear or hourglass,  then add the accessories and other elements to finish the look.

FOR HELP: use this link to calculate the shape of your body:

Remember it is always important to be comfortable in your wardrobe selection as these parties go on for hours, so choose swimwear and footwear that looks great on you but doesn’t restrict too much movement or make you uncomfortable in any way.

Now to footwear: Ladies, we love our stilettos and killer heels and I for one wouldn’t want to rain on your parade cause I too am a huge fan of sky high heels. But in truth and in fact, they are really not appropriate for a poolside or beach party. So, as to not leave you in tears, a great way to keep the height even by the poolside is by wearing a pair of espadrilles or wedges. To those of us who are hyperactive and live on the dance floor raving all night, flats or sandals are always a welcome treat, so opt for cute and sexy sandals, slippers or flats with details such as embellishments, ankle wraps/straps, buckles, etc.  I’m ‘kinda iffy’ about flip flops and here is why, they are more casual form of sandals/footwear and not really appealing if your trying to make a statement, but again it is whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Check out these 2012 Swimwear Trends for inspiration on prints, spring/summer colours and design cuts. Note “When  all is said and done, more is still said and done” and THE BIKINI is always a DO!!

” So it’s that kind of Party, Sexy and U know it, U Work Out”


One response

  1. Yes, yes and yes 🙂 and the bikini is ALWAYS a do. My summer body all ready and rearing to go, see you there 😉

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