Thank God It’s Friday

Thank God It’s Friday … TGIF (when it comes)!!

Yay, it is the end of the work week for most of us but it is still business as usual at the office :). Most companies have opted to introduce a more relax mode of dress on this day known as Dress-down Friday or simply Casual Friday. It is a reprieve from the constrictions of the company’s formal business attire but approached with caution within the guidelines of the dress code policy. Some companies might allow street wear, jeans, casual blouses or shirts while others require smart or business casual dress. Some offices even allow a themed dress down day to show support for various sponsorships or for team building efforts.

For individuals, “Fridays” mean the last day of the standard work week and time to let down our hair and be free of all deadlines and phone calls, it means it’s time to hang out and party (well obviously after you’ve clocked out) lol :). That’s a subtle hint that whatever you  intend to do after work usually determines your mode of dress for work that particular day.

Whatever your company dress code is for this day… there are simple and unique styles that still gets you noticed for all the right reasons and won’t land you in the dismissal, unemployment line or any other casualty that may occur for inappropriate dressing on the job. Best to play it safe with these tips:

Tops: Blouse, Shirts, Jackets

Casual/Dress blouses and shirts are appropriate and some companies even provide staff with their logo shorts: polo or cotton shirts in long or short sleeves specifically for this day. Choose suit/tailored jackets or sports blazer and sweaters for your outerwear (jacket) options.


Casual Dresses are appropriate once they fall within the guidelines and is at length at which you can sit and a fit at which you can move around comfortably in public.

Bottom: Pants, Skirts, Slacks, Jeans

Skirts at an acceptable length (usual no more than 3 inches above the knee) are appropriate, no mile high splits please, in fact No splits, ruffles or fringes – no exaggerated details. Wear a flowy or fitted skirt to be safe. Some companies have a  “no no policy for jeans” and I have to say it’s because of us ladies…lol. Leave the too tight, too sexy, too embellished jeans for your off days. You can try a fitted pair of jeans and yes, those are the ones that do  not cut of your circulation and restrict bending to pick up a pen (guilty, guilty, yes I am guilty of wearing those ones). Other tailored trousers or cotton pants like Dockers are always a good choice.


If open toes and sneakers are never ever allowed at our office, best believe on Friday it’s not a free pass. So go for conservative shoes like pumps, dress or casual flats and Only wear athletic shoes if it is allowed in the guidelines. FLIP FLOPS (not a backside) … pardon my tone. Not even to go to the nearest lunch spot. You are still representing yourself and the company.

Hair, Jewellery, Make-up and Perfume

Please keep these in good taste, be mindful that your co-workers may have allergies to strong scents. Make-up should not be too heavy (leave the glitter for later) and keep jewellery to a minimum. Hair should be neat and well groomed.

“Friday is unusual but it’s business as usual”


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