How Has Your Style Evolved?

Do you know how your style has evolved over the years or what influenced the change?

This one is a little personal and close to home, I was trying to find an outfit to go somewhere and for the life of me, I wasn’t coming up with much options. So threw on a black blazer with pinstripe lining and black shorts and heels and a bright pink bra (yes you read right) — it turned out quite nice, if I may say so ūüėČ Don’t judge!! lol.¬† Then it hit me, when did I become so fashion conscious,¬† and so ‘gung ho’ about my personal style, how it has evolved. I recall being a little tom boy during my teen years (cringe if I had to wear a skirt or show skin) but now I¬†go for more skirts, dresses and girly things.¬†Even as a little ballerina and¬†performing, once I was done with leotards and¬†tutus,¬†I was back in¬†my jeans and tees. A few of my friends and close cousins were a bit of¬† a tom boy too. If memory served me correct, one and two were like real “girly girls”….kudos to them ūüôā So where did this “inner fashionista” come from?

I’m realizing that as your life changes, so too will your style and as you get older and wiser you become more confident in yourself and how you present that package is totally up to you. Our experiences and influences may vary but they do play a role in how we carry ourselves as¬†we approach each stage¬†in life. Anything from a new job, to a new love, to a bad break up or a fabulous trip can change the way we dress. While today,¬†my style inspiration comes from¬†celebrities like Victoria Beckham – love her!, Courtney Kerr, Eva Mendez and Kourtney Kardashian, it wasn’t always that for me. I’ve come a long way and over the years I have grown academically, personally and professionally and all these factors influenced how¬†I want to present myself everywhere¬†I go. I love fashion not just because it reflects my personal taste but it¬†also tells you a little bit about me and my style (yea, yea yea, never judge a book by its cover) but it is true, you see outward appearance before anything else and you draw assumptions in seconds based on that ūüôā

How Did My Style Evolve?¬†As a kid, my mother was responsible for doing all the dressing up so I didn’t have much input there. Throw a tantrum all you want,¬†you are wearing whatever she puts on ūüėÄ lol. Lucky for me, she had some fashion sense. I recall the days of some my favourite looks she¬†lovingly sent me out in: the three sister frilly dress pink with white stockings and white socks with pink frills for church, the¬†pastel blue mini dress and black tights, the sequin lambada skirt with white top and the multi-coloured¬†bubble shorts suit¬†with tied straps on shoulder, not to mention¬†the hair full of bubbles and clips or cornrows with beads, and I’d shake them just for the fun of it. After the efforts¬†my mom¬†had put in, then rolled¬†in the high school¬†‘tween/adolescent’ years, still put myself together but was dressing more for ease and comfort than style… my life was pretty much school then dancing/netball practice and the occasional School Fetes, BBQs¬†and¬†Parties – usually just jeans or shorts and a top, probably¬†bare a little back or belly-skin but mostly dressed so I could comfortably dance to the latest songs. So my style was just easy breezy (uniforms, gears, jeans, shorts¬†and tees).

Now I’m grown, so fast forward¬†to the start of my professional career which was my turning point. Being¬†gainfully employed in Corporate Jamaica, styling and¬†the¬†mode¬†of dress became important as you were now on the job and¬†representing¬†the company and myself¬†and this all comes into play while you are on probation and guided by that good ‘ole document¬† called the “Dress Code¬†Policy”.¬†During my first¬†full-time job, I had the opportunity to participate in grooming and etiquette¬†sessions hosted by local and international model,¬†Althea Laing. (Yes, hanging my head, I know… one wouldn’t have thought) rofl. She was always well put together, well groomed and moved with such grace. What I admired most about her is how her sense of style and how she carried herself seemed so effortless. So the new fashion conscious me rolled in, with a few hit and misses here and there.¬† She taught us how to dress for various events, especially company events, to the walk, ¬†the stance/posture, the handshake and table manners to smiling more. I put everything into practice til it all became second nature. Coupled with my mother’s upbringing and her good sense of style as the foundation, the formal training also contributed to¬† the “evolution of me and my style” you’ve come to know. Paid more attention to my grooming, my manners, my presentation and made improvements where necessary. I was not¬†that far off – because my mom did a really¬†great job :). And as I continue to¬†evolve as a person/individual, I am very certain that my style will continue change and go up a notch, but will pretty much keep it simple, chic and sophisticated (and I’m not breaking the bank to do so).

Whatever your fashion sense or style is, or wherever you take your inspiration from, the most important thing is that it’s YOU and you are proud and confident in your presentation and will up your style a notch as you grow personally and professionally.

I would love for you to share with me how your style has evolved and where you get your inspiration or sense of style by commenting on this post.

” Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal”¬† … Yves Saint Laurent


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