What to Wear for Date Night!!

He asked, you said yes, now the when and where is ironed out but the “what do I wear?” not so much. Making a good impression holds true for first dates and you want to make sure that you look your best, that way whether or not the date goes well… you leave looking and feeling totally fabulous either way 🙂

Be it a first date, second date, third date or a year later, date night is date night and you ought to try to look your best and be your “sexy” self. If it’s a surprise night out, this can leave you in a fashion tizzy, if you are unsure what to wear the best suggestion I can give you, is to go for the little black dress “LBD”. That always works out perfectly. Sexy, flirty or fun but not too over the top provocative, especially if it is someone you are getting to know for the first time, leave some things to the imagination.

Clothing: so you may opt to do something other than the LBD, wear an outfit that looks great and make you feel comfortable so you can be relaxed on your date (not too tight, not  too big and loose, not too short, no bondage and restricted movement)— these can add to the nerves. You can wear anything from jeans and a dressy top with heels/flats to a dress, shorts, or skirt (long or short). Whatever you choose you can dress it up with accessories or choose fun colours to brighten up the outfit. Again, your choice of clothes will more than likely depend of  the event(s) of the night.

Hair: Do choose sexy, romantic and simple hairstyles that compliment your face and outfit. Do not cover your face with your hair as a security blanket. You want your date to see YOU! Show off your bone structure, gorgeous eyes, lips, facial expressions with styles like these:

Makeup –  As with the hair, do not hide your face behind too much make-up. Keep it simple to natural, so your date will see more of  your natural beauty. Remember to smile (lip gloss popping, pearly whites and all these things) 🙂

Footwear: Do not wait for this perfect moment to break in new shoes. You want to be comfortable especially if you will be going for a stroll. Do not wear heels and then 15mins into your date, you are death gripping the man’s arm and whining that your feet hurts. Suck it up and don’t be a cry baby or wear heels you are comfortable walking, running and dancing in. Choose cute flats or sandals if you are not up to taking on the responsibilities that come with wearing heels. Your choice of footwear would also depend on what you are wearing and doing.

Underwear/Lingerie: Yes, that’s right (underneath your clothes). Who knows how the night will end… if the date leads to “eh-hem” … sex… you should not be in granny panties or “bridgette jones” undergarments or a complicated lingerie under your outfit. Do wear a sexy and delicate underwear and bra (lingerie) with smooth lines. This also helps you to feel sexy and boost your confidence when you step out on your date. Your date should wear a condom!! 😉

Date night is everything unexpected and the most important thing is making a good impression. Be cute, be you and give of your best self and enjoy the night and the company of your date.  x0x0

Date Night…it’s definitely worth the effort!


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