Colour of the Year 2012

Pantone, the renowned authority on colour, has declared Tangerine Tango – the colour of the year 2012. I can see the question marks on your faces… lol, like what the heck is  Tangerine Tango.  It is like our local fruit called ‘Tangerine’, you know that brilliant orange colour, yep…. that’s really what Pantone is making reference to.

Similiar to Red and Fuchsia, Tangerine Tango adds a bright, energetic flare to anything: fashion and textile (clothing) decor and design, paperie et al. This like any other colour is really pretty on its own or blended with the myriad of colours available either same tone, lighter or darker shades. In my opinion, it is a great colour to add to your wardrobe and pack a punch in your style.

With that said, you may have questions on how you can wear this colour without being mistaken for the fruit 😀 It is not hard to introduce colour into your wardrobe especially brilliant tones. Check out previous post in February for tips:

Below is a collection of items that you can choose in the colour to create your look (lipstick, sunglasses, bag, shoes, dress, bathing suit, jacket – you name it)… just ways you can incorporate the colour and looks you can try independently.

Tangerine in the Tropics: as per post by Ease2Elegance on (05.01.12)


“Enjoy life in the tropics – always sunny and bright in Jamaica”



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