You Are Invited …

It is Wedding Season and you are cordially  invited 🙂

You may not be the bride this time around but who says you still can’t look stunning. Who knows, you may snag Mr. Man at the event or inspire your beau to pop the question or have the conversation, lol :D. Either way, it is an event and another opportunity to show off your style. It can be a bit of a challenge, from the perfect hairstyle to the perfect shoe, because you don’t want to be too overdone but not too under dress.

To make it a little simple for you, here are a few tid bits to help you make the decision and say Yes to the Invitation 😉

Three (3) important rules about dressing for someone else’s wedding celebration:

  • Do not upstage the bride by wearing white (Big No No) . Remember it is not your day – you are the guest. Try to avoid white or shades of ivory and off-white (cream) as well.
  • Do not try to be a bridesmaid if you were not given the task, so do not go all ‘matchy, matchy’ with the wedding colours and risk blending in the wedding decor to the T.
  • Choose your outfit by location and time of day: Morning, Afternoon or Night wedding, Beach wedding, Church wedding, Garden wedding, Vegas wedding, hmmn!! You get the picture. For some churches the showing of skin is prohibited so you may not have the right to bear arms or legs. Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the location. Being told you won’t be allowed to celebrate your friend or family because of how you are dressed is not cool!!

It really isn’t that hard, just picture how you want to look and feel and find great elements to fit your body, suit your style, mood and the occasion. You may not be the woman of the hour, but you can still turn some heads in your own little world 🙂


Wedding Season

Wedding Season by ease2elegance featuring stiletto high heels

Chiffon cocktail dress
$37 –

Nicole Miller wedding dress

Lace dress
$50 –

Formal dress
$48 –

Ruffle dress
$45 –

Dorothy Perkins one shoulder cocktail dress
$44 –

Dorothy Perkins purple dress
$44 –

Wrap dress
$43 –

Miso lace mini dress
£30 –

AX Paris lace cocktail dress
£20 –

Platform heels
$50 –

High heels
$50 –

Martinez Valero high heels
$50 –

Qupid high heels
$45 –

Glitter platform pumps
$30 –

“We request the honour of your presence but not the absence of your style”


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