That Extra Inch and a Half…

There is something classic, seductive and timeless about wearing a great pair of Stilettos. Aaah yes, the topic of today is referring to “Stilettos”…can’t imagine the look on your faces (mouth wide open, eyes rolling at me) 😀 Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s dig a little deeper into our heels we love so much, no pun intended, lol :).

The stiletto is a thin, long and high heel and is named after the stiletto dagger, which is a slender needle like blade primarly used as a stabbing weapon but the tip reduces friction upon entry. Why then do we suffer the aches and pains of what would seem like the “wicked step sister” of shoes by squeezing our feet in the most gorgeous stilettos.

You have to admit, whether or not you can walk in them, you admire them- 3″, 4 ½”, 5 ¾”, 6″ or the higher the better and possible like me, think that it’s bordering ‘down right crazy’ when shoe designer, Christian Louboutin created the super high 8″ stiletto pumps. But not to worry, he designed it as a one of a kind creation which was auctioned for a benefit, not sure we will be seeing them on the runway or in the stores …….just yet!!

Regardless of the inches, stilettos are not known to be the most comfortable footwear but they serve a purpose, and they are functional. Stilettos elongate your body frame by forcing you to stand and walk upright, balance your body proportion and glide gracefully in lady like precision. They add an elegance and classiness to any look and for those of us who stand short like me at 5ft 4″, it is a great way to add some height. If  for anything else, they make you very sexy and appealing to the opposite sex and if the need arises, they can transform into lethal weapons, lol. Gotta love it!!

However, despite all the good attributes it provides in making your legs appear slimmer, you looking taller, making your butt and boobs more prominent, Stilettos are one of those things that are so bad for you but you can’t do without it or have too much of it.  If you notice, all high heels put more pressure on your feet and contorts your spine to be able to run around and walk naturally and it also goes against the functionality of your feet. For the amount of pressure it puts on your feet, you best believe it’s a weapon of fashion.

With that said, you can wear them and be comfortable in them by choosing the right size, wiggle your toes in it, walk around in it before you purchase them. You can tell within 5 mins if the shoe will be comfortable or not. Get a quality pair of stilettos and I’m not saying spend a fortune but check out the craftsmanship and the material of the shoe. Sometimes cheap isn’t always best. Break them in before the big reveal and please, please, please take care of your feet. Your feet will thank you later :).

Ladies, we are walking around in weapons of destruction and there is no getting around this crime of fashion (Guilty, Guilty). We know beauty cost pain but it doesn’t have to be deadly, so wear your stilettos and wear them well but not excessively and be cautious as you will miss out on being able to rock the next gorgeous pair that may be waiting in the store near you 😉 wink wink!!

 Photo source:

“High Heels put Your Ass on a Pedestal, Where it Belongs” – Veronica Webb


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