Break the Fashion Rule

Fashion experts repeatedly tell us ‘you should not wear white after Labour Day” and act like you would be committing a grave offense if you ever do. Being that today (May 23) is Labour Day, does this fashion rule apply to our Jamaican fashionistas? I didn’t think so!!

Like seriously though, who says you can’t wear white after Labour Day? White is like “the colour” option to keep cool on those hot Caribbean summer days and we are known to wear white all year round. If Fashion in itself break rules then I’m thinking so can us, fashionistas.  With the temperature and Summer fast approaching, not to mention the “All White” parties to attend, we can definitely DO this Fashion Don’t.

As Stacy London from What Not to Wear (on TLC) puts it, “It’s not about should I wear it, it’s about, does it look flattering on me?” White is the coolest clothing colour and depicts purity and innocence (clearing throat) —- don’t go throwing on white thinking you can get all that innocence/purity back now!! DWL.  As lovely as white seems, it is a very tricky one to pull off as it shows up everything and when I say “everything”, I mean everything …”the curves and turns of fern gully” 😉  lol. Also another thing to note is that unlike black that suits all skin tone, white doesn’t —- it tends to wash out persons with pale or light skin tones and suit tanned or darker skin tones well.

The best ways to pull off a flattering look wearing white is to:

  • Choose fabrics based on quality and check the transparency factor of the garment (spills and leakages are very obvious on white garments)
  • Wear skin/flesh toned underwear as black or any other colour will peep through and again it will depend on the quality of the fabric and the transparency.
  • Choose footwear that goes well with white but don’t go all “matchy, matchy” if it’s not required (red/coloured pumps for over the top effects, metallic/gold/coloured wedges and sandals for simplicity)
  • White can make you appear bigger, so if you are wearing a single white item, it’s best to wear it on the smaller portion of your body.

If You Obey All the Rules, You Miss All the Fun…Dare to Wear White After Today!!


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