Girls Rule!

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie ’em in a knot, can you tie ’em in a bow?
I was having writers block, so I consulted two friends on what I should write about for today’s post. One saysboobs, bra size, I mean bra fitting. At first I was like “really, that’s the best you can do” with my questionable  facial expression but then she follows up “yea, I bought my greatest fitting bra over the weekend, wanna see lol. The secondment from my other friend “yes you should blog about that, how and where ladies with bigger boobs can get good fitting bra”. Then they both chimed in with the same commentcuz I’m sure you’re not wearing the proper bra right now. My ladies, I was so sure that I was wearing the proper bra until I peeped in my blouse and saw that my cup runneth over. Ahhmn, I kid you not! At that moment, I was very guilty of wearing an ill-fitting bra  (and to think it’s one of my favs). So many thanks to my girls for that ‘Bra-ha’ moment 😉  which moves me to the topic of today “GIRLS Rule” and they sure do.
Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size? Did you also know that on average, a women will wear 6 different bra sizes throughout her life? Yes, let the record show that this is indeed the case. We all fall victim to wearing the wrong size at one point or another in our lifetime. My revelation came yesterday and I am still in denial 🙂 But to take it a step further, you will be surprised to hear what some people are doing to keep the girls lock and loaded under their clothes: adjusting bras straps with safety pins and strings, ladies who are not mothers wearing nursing bra or nursing moms wearing them long after they have stopped nursing, yanking and tightening the poor straps, which then digs in their skin to get a good grip, hand stitching it in random places to stay afloat. Stop the Madness!
This is not becoming of the little fashionista you are. Please run to your nearest lingerie boutique/store and get a professional bra fitting ….. this is the breast friend” advice I can give. You can tell whether you are wearing a good fitting or an ill-fitting bra by the cup size and the bandwidth. According to bra expert, Susan Nethero, “the perfect position for your breasts is midway between your shoulders and your elbows and you bra should be level front to back. She also recommends that you go up a size if your cup overflows and down a size if your cups dimple. If you see back fat, it’s too big (yea, I’m sure you thought it’s too tight). To fix this wear it lower on your back and in a smaller band width. You should go down a band size, if the straps are falling down or the band is riding up. The edges of the cups should also lie flat against your breast. If there is a gap (especially with padded bras), you should go down a cup size.
Check out this clip on how to do a bra fitting and measurement:
Seems, we’ve neglected the most dutiful garment and been doing it all wrong but it’s never to late to fix it and lift the girls :).  It is really important to have good support for the girls to improve your posture and make your clothing fit better on you. Though there are a lot of designs and styles from which to choose, I think having a basic understanding of your measurements and fit , you can work your way through finding great everyday styles and sexy bras that suit your taste. Another thing to note is that the cup size will vary from brand to brand 0r designer to designer but don’t be discouraged at all when shopping for bras. When in doubt ask for help from a professional or simply check with the store clerk/assistant – they are there to help you 🙂
I personally recommend 2 local stores for a professional bra fitting [If you know of any other, please feel free to share in your comments]
  • Baba’s (Intimates Boutique)      Shop 10 7th Ave Plaza, Kingston 10, Jamaica      [Phone: 876-960-6875]
  • La Belle Femme (Lingerie)  Sunset Blvd, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica  [Phone 876-622-6091]
 Friends are like Boobs, Some are Big, Some are Small, Some are Real and Some are Fake!!

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