How to Pack and Dress for a Vacation

Whooooppppeeeeeee!! Vacation Baby *clicking heels*. C’mon don’t hate 😉 Who doesn’t love a vacation? Free from the confines of the cubicle, the so called “urgent” deadlines and adhoc tasks that always seem to pop when you are ready to head out of office. So allow me to bask in the great escape from my J.O.B.  If even to sit at home, wake at 12pm, you’ll admit that you enjoy a good break from your routine 9-5.

Vacation dates, check. Planning the vacation is one thing but how does one pack and dress for a vacation —   Do You Bum it or Dress to Kill?

If you decide to stay home and chill to get some well needed R+R, then it is almost a given that you are going to bum it out in pajamas (pjs), boyfriend tees/shirt or your birthday suit, lol. Ain’t nothing wrong with that 🙂 However, if you decide to travel then it becomes a whole new to do list. Packing and dressing depends on the number of days in the vacay, where you are going and what you are doing. As such you will find yourself doing some strategic planning in an effort to pack all you may need for the trip (without being overweight) and also for looking good while you are out and about .

Let me see how best I can navigate you through the packing for your fabulous vacation. So I take it that you are doing a minimum of one week, so let the folding and rolling begin:

  • Pants: pack 1-2 pairs (a pair of jeans is a must and another pair of pants/slacks)
  • Skirts: I’d say 3 (flirty day skirt, a night out skirt and a long one) – you can throw in another just because…
  • Jackets – pack a lightweight blazer and a cardigan/soft sweater – dressed up or down
  • Tops/Blouse – as many as your luggage will allow but minimum 5 (three casual, 2 dressy) or vice versa
  • Dresses:  2 days dresses (long or short), 2 cocktail or evening dresses should work
  • Scarves – these are light and easy to pack so about 2 or 3 (you may need one to wrap you hair for bed)
  • Shoes  – these are usually bulky and the heaviest – minimum 4 pairs — one comfortable pair for the day (flats or sandals), 2 for pleasure (the killer heels or wedges), a pair of sneakers, if hiking or gym is in the plans or just for street wear.
  • Intimate/Underwear – pack 5 sets, add a lightweight sleepwear and 2 pairs of socks as well
  • Swimsuita must if you are going to the tropics (pack 2 or 3 if you have more than 1)
  • Jewellery/Accessories: just take a few key pieces (mostly inexpensive or fashion jewellery), a hat, belts and hair clips
  • Bags: Take a clutch/purse and a day bag (lightweight which can probably double as luggage) ·

I am sure by now you can handle the how to dress part but it doesn’t hurt to share more information. It makes sense that when you are packing, you visualize what each day will be like. You may even use your itinerary or schedule to have an idea of exactly what  each day will bring (Ultimately, this is in God’s hand but you can plan). With that, you already know what goes with what and when and where you can wear them.

  • Choose clothing with pockets to stash small must-haves like lip gloss, cash, etc.
  • Dress in layers for safety when in the outback (hiking, trail tours, etc).
  • Choose wrinkle free clothing or items that require less ironing
  • Do wear your sunglasses and/or hats to look chic but also for sun protection
  • Choose the right fabrics (leather in the boiling sun is a definite NO NO, cotton, yes)

A vacation is also a good time to try new clothing/trends, on the clock wardrobe has no business here and by all means, dress to kill – you are on “you-time” and the only rules that apply are the ones you make as you go along with fabulous vacay.

A Fabulous Vacation

“A vacation is like love: anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia” – Evan Esar


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