Ready ● Set ● Summer: Too Hot to Trot

The astronomical summer (Northern Hemisphere) begins Today, June 20, 2012 (Wednesday) and ends  September 21, 2012 (Friday). We, Jamaicans would say, “the sun tun up” — meaning the sun is hotter than ever. This is an awesome indicator that you must also “TUN UP” the heat on your summer wardrobe.  It is the best time to make your style “Too Hot to Trot”.

What’s hot this summer?  Besides YOU!  There are some trends to look out for this summer and ideas you can incorporate in your style and wardrobe to turn up the heat when you step out this summer. You will find that a few spring trends are still popular and rolling into the summer (see post:

Summer Trends to Trot:

Floral Jeans and Coloured Jeans: this is a good way to have a feminine and pretty (bright and chirpy) look for the season

Bright Printed Dresses: Dresses are always in but you can do them in a bright fun print for that “bold” look. Try neon prints or florals

Sheer: play up your sexy with a sheer blouse, flirty skirt or a dress (chiffon). It requires mega cnfidence to show a little but not too much.

Colour Block: this trend is still hot and a must try. You can do this with a bag, heels, dress, skirt, blouse… you name it, “color block it”.

Chic and Statement Necklaces: a great way to just go bold and make a “statement” with a chic and creatively designed piece of necklace, in gold, silver or fashion accessories

Maxi Dresses: these are to us like what onesies are to babies. One simple item of clothing that is a grab and go. leaves you looking well put together effortlessly. Try them in plain, abstract prints, stripes and florals.

Bright Coloured Blazers: these can serve double  duty for work and play. It’s a easy and fun way to add a pop of colour to your work attire and to dress up those skinny jeans at play.

“Fashion can be bought.  Style one must possess.”  ~ Edna Woolman Chase

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