How to Dress to Beat the Heat

 “Real hot, in the shade …96 degrees in the shade …real hot, in the shade ”  from the song “96 Degrees in the Shades”  by Third World is no joke. The song is really about the execution of Paul Bogle, a Jamaican National Hero and Baptist Deacon but I found these lines befitting to the summer temperature. We can agree that these summer days are really hot but it is in no way licence or a free pass for you to go out naked or in ‘barely-there’ outfits. However, we can agree that less is definately more to beat the heat.  So start peeling off the layers off clothes cuz layers are so NOT in for this season.

Though we would love to live in our swimwear all summer long, you would be expected to be close to a body of water, lol. So for those places that require us to put some decent clothes on, an easy way to beat the heat is to wear a Summer Dress (florals, prints, solids, any pattern), especially when you still have to be up and about your daily lives. It requires little effort and looks good with a lot of versatility. You can a dorn a summer dress with a cardigan or blazer for work or just wear as is for when you are running errands (but don’t forget to apply suncsreen when you are showing  more arms and legs outdoors). Dresses (long or short) are a really good staple for the summer long days – you can dress them up and dress them down

Another easy breezy look is a Pair of Shorts, whether short shorts to show your gams or knee length or mid calf (capris). They look really chic but are often functional when you want to run around and get going on a fly. Try them in solids, stripes or prints. It is summer so play them up. Soft Blouses and Simple Tees/Shirts, makes for a breezy and cool look this summer. Thin or sheer blouses, sphaghetti straps, soft tees are windy tops and are versatile for day and night looks while keeping you cool for the summer. Skirts are also a great item to keep the cooler temperatures on hot summer days, you can go short, sexy and flirty or do a long breezy/flowy skirt.  Pants/Jeans: these are comfort clothes and every day get ups. I’d say toss them for now just for a few weeks but if you can’t seem to break the habit of reaching for them, do a softer jeans, cotton or linen pants. Especially as your bottom half will be  fully covered in the already boiling sun, so any breather is a welcomed change.

Whatever you decide to wear to create your own sunshine when you get dressed this summer while you try to beat the heat will be totally up to you and what’s in your closet but most definitely it will also depend on the fabric options. Cotton is the cooolest material you will find that works for the summer, so consider that in your fashion choices this season. With the heat peeking at unbearbale levels and potential misery, being comfortable is always a plus.


Real hot, in the shade …96 degrees in the shade …real hot, in the shade ” – Third World


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