Own Your Look, It’s Your Style!

It is always interesting to see how others dress themselves – to me you get to see how creative they are and how much thought they may have put into getting dressed (or the lack there of). On occasion it gets overpowering on the naked eye to see how some persons really dress, it may appear that the outfit is wearing them as opposed to the individual wearing the styles. The way you present yourself with your wardrobe may be an indication of how you feel on the inside but some people do have their fashion “sorted out” and you will never see them out of place or going through a bad episode of what not to wear. There are those that just couldn’t care less.

The world is filled with diversity – people of all types and variety, that makes one individual different from the other. The same is true with your fashion and style of dress. You know your personality (who you are), you know how you want to dress and what fashions you like or will most likely go for and you dress accordingly but there are some days you switch it up depending on how you feel (your fashion mood). Regardless of how you dress and how you feel when you get dress, you’ve got to own your look. Your style will not be the same as someone else and though you have a favourite style or mode of dress, you may have or will try various looks overtime. Some looks to consider on any given day (probably makes you wonder where you fall on a daily)


She is a bad ass, goes against the grain of society and remains true to her inner rock star. Most likely to be labelled as crazy but knows she just comfortable doing her thing outside the norm. Usually the one “rocking” jeans or tights, leather jacket, a tank or grunge tees, boots or sneakers (possible some crazy hair cut or colour to up the anti on your styling)


She is a woman of adventure, who loves life and lives free. She doesn’t give a ‘cotton picking’ what any one thinks about her style. Most likely to wear her shortest shorts, the brightest of colours, even mix prints with stripes if she feels like it today. Always experimenting with style, fashion, hair and make-up and doing life her way.


She is the “IT” girl, the girl about town, the one that loves to entertain her peers and being entertained at fashionable events (she calls it networking). She is well-styled, fashion forward and not afraid to show off her sexy sultry side. She knows all the hot spots and happenings in the social arena – a busy bee making appearances here and there. Most likely to wear a cute, sexy and trendy dress or outfit and killer heels (stilettos).


She is the glamorous “all eyes on me” ball of fun. Nothing but a good time around her (may be loud but proud).   Her outfits are just as much fun and possible daring having some intricate details, designs, glitz and glam . When she steps out or shows up, anything goes (good or bad) because she isn’t just the life of the party, she is the party.


She is super chic in her “girl next door” looks and wears them well. She shows confidence in her styling whether it be fitted to her curves or loose and baggy, she knows what suits her best. She knows she is hot and sexy but doesn’t have to dress the part all the time. She can dial up her style or dial it down on whim. Most likely to wear a jeans and tees with a jacket and scarf on a casual day or a skin-hugging bodycon to go with her sassy attitude.


She is A BOSS – she calls the shots, she cuts costs – there is work to be done and somebody’ gotta do it. She is a go getter, a self starter, the next self made millionaire – serious about her business but knows her image speaks volumes of her work, worth and wealth. She knows a thing or two about when to dress it up and when to dress it down but it’s never business as usual for her. Most likely to wear a tailored outfit: dress, a pants or skirt suit with high heel pumps


She is simple, chic and well mannered but may be a bit misunderstood. She may come off as a snob but she just carries herself with style and grace. Most likely to wear cardigans, ties, long sleeve shirts with a pants, shorts or skirt to match (possible paired with stockings and cute shoes)


She is the more reserved type, the one who chooses to show less skin. She loves to be comfortable all the time and rarely steps out of her comfort zone. She is poised, graceful and polite. Most likely to wear a long flowing dress, a modest dress or suit and always neat.


She is a home maker with a never-ending to do list. She knows she is Super Woman, Super Mom, Super Wife or Girlfriend, Super Daughter, Super Sister, Super Friend — she is just SUPER, but also has to s time to pamper and care for herself and that includes looking good with or without her cape. Most likely to wear an easy breezy dress or a pair of jeans, cute blouse and flats or manageable heels to keep up with her hectic schedule.

The things you own end up owning you – Fight Club


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