In those Jeans (the puuurfect pair)

You have searched every store looking for that great pair of jeans. The good ‘ole faithful stand-by garment has become quite the little life saver on those “nothing to wear” days. If you found the puuurfect pair — it would be the one you live in because the wash is absolutely gorgeous and goes with everything in your closet 😀 , the fit is to die for, length is just right on the money and you never want to take them off because it makes your butt look nice in them too.

I don’t blame you, we all either own a pair or still trying to find that puuurfect pair of jeans that looks good on you, comfortable and versatile.  The pair that will take you from being errand girl in the day (with tees with flats or flip flops ) to boss lady the next day (with a structured jacket and button down shirt) and have you out the door for a night on the town (with a fancy blouse and a great pair of heels to do the trick). 1 pair of jean, 3 different outfits  for 3 different occasions … now how is that for perfection and versatility!

There are so many things to consider when it comes to shopping for jeans — the brands, different cuts, pocket style, fit per body type, the wash and more. So how do you shop for what’s right for your body? ALWAYS try the jeans on when shopping in store but if you are not so lucky on the  first try, here are some other things to check for:


The measurement from the crotch to the waist jeans of t is known as the “rise” — usually a Standard measure of 30 inches (just about on the navel). Further categorized as Low Rise (elongates the torso) and High Waist (shortens the torso). A low rise jean (hipster) is about 20 inches (falls below the navel) and High-Waisted jean is above the navel and standard rise.


No pockets – not the best because it flattens out your curves. However if you choose to opt for this, check that the yoke is there to add shape (i.e. extra piece of fabric/denim that goes across the back just below the waistband and plays the role of a girdle-like hugger for the jeans fit). Small Pockets make your rear look bigger while Large Pockets narrow your behind. 


Stone-Washed: washed with chemicals or pumice stones to give the jeans a lighter and softer look

Stretched: Brakes Please! we tend to love these but they are more flattering on curvy women. Women with narrow derrieres may want to stay away from this type as it shows up the lack of curves.

Sand-Blasted: blasted with sand in parts of the jeans that would naturally appear worn out to give it a distressed look. Make sure blast or lighter areas are emphasize parts of the body you want to play up or draw attention.

Whiskered: this is the illusion that the jeans has been worn and sat in over and over again by using horizontal lines created by lasers, stones, sanded or printed. It is likely to make your leg look heavier so if that’s not what you want, go for subtle (almost invisible) whiskers.


Straight Leg – looking for a long and lean look, this is pair to get. This cut maintains the same consistency from the hips down to the ankle to match the body’s proportion (either slim fit or baggy).

Skinny Jeans: this a slim-fit pants tapering down to the ankle.  Well suited for people with small hips and for tall ladies. Real chic and slimming look when worn with high heels or boots

Flare Cut and Bell Bottoms – a wide legged jean with a snug fit to the hips and begins to flare or loosen from the knee down in the shape of a “bell”. This is an alternative for a stylish finish and its looks well on tall women and curvy women alike.

Boot Cut – this too is a wide legged pants but the ankle is less roomy than the flare, it’s cut to sit directly over the top of your shoe and looks great with any type of shoe. It is most flattering on persons with wider hips and heavy bottoms.

“Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it’s an open mind” – Gail Rubin Bereny


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