Dressing up Plain White Tees

No matter how  much we love to dress up and have fun with our wardrobe, a staple that will never go out of fashion is a plain white tee. It’s a casual understated piece of clothing but you can work magic with a plain white tee — yep, plain and white, just treat it like a blank canvas and start building your outfit from there. You can get several wear and several different looks from one plain white tee. It’s a simple way to look fresh and classy either as layering or pairing it with another closet essential (jeans, skirts, shorts, etc).

You favourite tee may be plain but your style doesn’t have to be. Here are four (4) basic tips and tricks to looking dolled up and fabulous in a white tee.

(1) SCARF: dress up your tees and your look with a lovely scarf and try a bright bold colour or print designs.

Plain White Tees (with a scarf)

(2) STATEMENT NECKLACE: the bigger and chunkier the better as it draws attention to your face and neckline and adds a nice classy look to your white tee. Feel free to add other jewellery (e.g. bangles shown below)

Plain White Tees (with statement necklace)

(3) VEST – layer your white tee with a cute (fitted or loose) vest with cool details to give your tee a chic or dressy look

Plain White Tees (with vest)

(4) JACKET/CARDIGAN – Outer-wears (like jackets/blazers, cardigans and sweaters) are great ways to dress up or dress down a white tee. You can create a sophisticated, elegantly casual or casual look with any choice of outer wear and the white tee will add that clean and fresh element in the outfit

Plain White Tees (with jacket/cardigan)

 Note to self: a bright white tee instantly illuminates you, kinda like a smile with pearly white teeth 🙂 So don’t be afraid to use this casual item in your dressy and already sophisticated wardrobe for a cool, chic and fresh look.

“I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet” – Giorgio Armani


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