Independence in Style: Black ● Green ● Gold ●

This year is a special one for JAMAICA, the land of wood and water as it is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Independence on August 6, 2012. (History: original Independence Day is August 6, 1962)

There will be a whole host of celebrations in Jamaica and its diaspora to commemorate this milestone. Jamaicans, Jamericans, BritJams and all lovers of Jamaica will be directly or indirectly involved in these events and activities. Proud Jamaicans are encouraged to wear the country’s colours (Black, Green and Gold) on this day to show their love and support for a “Nation on a Mission”.

Before you co-ordinate and decide how you will wear the colours on the day, here is a lil tid bit about the representation of the colours in the Jamaican Flag:

   Black – symbolic of the hardships borne by its people and the strength of a nation

   Green symbolizes hope and richness of its agriculture and vegetation (fertile land)

    Gold –  yellow diagonal lines are symbolic of its sunshine and its wealth of natural resources

Recently, Time Magazine voted the official uniform for the Jamaican Olympic Team as being the BEST for London 2012 Summer Olympics. The uniform was created by our own, local designer: Cedella Marley (daughter of the late great reggae singer, Bob Marley). This design shows the richness of the country’s colours and it’s fun, fashionable with eye catching geometric details.

While we are not able to wear the official uniform like our olympians ….. as yet (here thinking Puma will have the styles available after the Olympics)  :D, we can still be a part of the fashion fever for this Independence. I have created some outfits you can try for a fabulous look in your efforts to celebrate and support Jamaica’s mission whether you are at work, play or painting the town (black, green and gold).


The day is a public holiday, however there are overseas companies operating in the island that will remain open for business on this day – so it is business as usual for them and essential services. With that said, companies are allowing their employees to dress down for this day (business casual). Some have gone as far as decorating theiroffices and issued their own branded company shirts in the colours to be worn on the day. Then there are those employees who will have to find their own appropriate outfit to wear to work. This isn’t hard as the colours already blend well, so it is just a matter of deciding to wear a top in one colour and a bottom in the other and accessorize with the third (so forth and so on). These are my picks for doing it up at work:

Jamaica 50th - Black, Green and Gold (At Work)

JAMAICA 50th  –  NIGHT OUT on the TOWN

Jamaicans know how to work hard and party hard as well 🙂 so the day isn’t going to be all about work. It has been said that Jamaicans are the happiest Caribbean people, and the music, food, drinks and great company are just a few of the elements that keeps the happy flowing. Wherever the celebrations take you after work, I have put together some looks that will have you turning heads at the event. Additionally, the business casual looks above, can go from day to night in a matter of seconds 😉

Jamaica 50th (Black, Green and Gold) Night Out on the Town


Fun in the Jamaican Sun, no problem! What better way to go about your day and soak up the brillaint sunshine than in the flag’s vivid colours. Here are some daytime casual looks to make you shine as bright as the rays of the sun. These looks can also take you from day to evening.

Jamaica 50th (Black, Green and Gold) At Play


It is in true Jamaican spirit that visiting the beach is a must in your plans: sun and sea, white sand and cool breeze (hammock and a red stripe beer) 😉 and you as eye candy. These are my picks to look like a great vacation even if you just have a couple hrs to spare 🙂

Jamaica 50th (Black, Green and Gold) At the Beach

Gotta love the colours of the Jamaican Flag: Black, Green or Gold  – each having strong significance to its people everywhere and looks great on any skin tone — you will look sophisticated and elegant in black, classic and chic in green, bright and cheery in gold (yellow) , if you choose to wear a mix of the colours or independently. That’s just awesome! 

Support a beautiful nation on a mission with your independent and individual style in its vivid colours. An island so small but big on its people, talents, resources, wealth, fashion/style and continues it’s mission in creating history and shattering world records  *Hands Down*

Out of Many, One People” – The Motto of Jamaica


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