Would You Join this Pillow Talk?

Sleepwear to Streetwear can never be a good thing, who wants to go on the road looking like a sleeping mess. Surely not me and I didn’t think I would until recently. Lo and behold, I fell victim to have left the house in my pajamas. In my defense, I was helping my friend move and I was already late in waking up so was kind of a rush situation and in an effort to save time I took the bait. I worked it out in my head that I’m only going to be out for a few hrs and I would go from house into the car and from car into my friend’s new place (no one but her had to see me) plus I’d be cleaning and moving stuff, so it is pretty much like being at home doing housework. But as luck would have it, we had to make errands, back and forth trips to get stuff and go for some muscles to help move the larger items. We went to get a male friend, who I haven’t seen in years.  Great! not the way I would have liked to be seen but so be it, lol. There I was, all over the place in my pjs in the middle of the day and the blazing sun (smh) – comfy but in my opinion it wasn’t a good look. I really looked like I rolled out of bed and into the streets.

You be the judge [I’d say FINED] 

In no way is it cute for anyone to be seen in the streets in their pajamas (not even for celebrities), they are called sleepwear for a reason – you wear it to go to sleep (Yes, myself included in this lecture). I get that it is real comfortable but attempting to dress it up just makes you look ready for a good night’s “beauty sleep” 🙂 Don’t be like me in this case, no matter how late you are awaken from your slumber for somewhere urgent to go (even the not so urgent stuff  – like grabbing an item at the supermarket) – I’d say do a shorts/jeans and tees instead. Now that’s a more casual and comfortable look that can be downplayed to a homely feel in the streets without you looking like you need a place to rest your pretty little head 😉 agreed!

This trend of sleepwear to streetwear is a DON’T (hope you do realize you are literally going outdoors in your pajamas). However, fashion designers have put a spin on things and taking this a step further to a creating  sleepwear inspired fashions, how thoughtful. It’s the same slouchy look but claims it offers a more stylish silhouette for evenings out. Let’s take a look at a few and see what’s happening in the world of fashion:

As inspiring as these looks may seem to try, I still don’t buy into this for wearing them out (I have since redeemed myself from my mishap – I hope). It does have the same loose fitting, flowy appeal and an obvious choice of soft fabrics for comfort. Dressy, yes – but hhmmnn, still iffy about this trend. We are not use to parading around in our nighty, sleepwear, pajamas (whatever you wanna call it). It just ain’t cute — DON’T DO IT! (some styles are just not our thing). So again, jeans and tees still work… so does a loose running shorts and boyfriend t-shirts. Long maxi dresses, easy to pull on and go (I somehow forgot the pointers that day) 🙂

Would you still consider making errands in this “pillow talk” trend, or should I say, pillow “walk” ? it’s really a no no. You are always being watched and remember, first impressions do last and it is possible that, unlike me, you may not have a second chance to redeem yourself from that error 😉 It’s a good thing the young man met me before under better circumstances  😀

“If you are going to do something tonight that you will be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late” –  Henny Youngman


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