Fashion Night Out (FNO)

Fashion Night Out (FNO) — the biggest night in fashion is almost here.  The 4th staging of this major event is scheduled for Thursday, September 6, 2012 for Jamaica.  This event is a world wide initiative started by Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Inc (a non-profit group of American fashion and accessories designers). This first event was held in 2009 and hosted in New York City.

FNO was a means of encouraging consumers/shoppers to support the fashion industry which at the time was experiencing a decline in a tough economic climate. This initiative has become bigger and better each year.  Last year’s FNO featured events in eighteen (18) countries including Jamaica where stores showcased limited edition products ranging from apparel, shoes, accessories to home decor and furnishings. Great deals, entertainment and a night of a fantastic shopping experience awaits you.

While the sole intent and purpose of  anyone going to FNO may be a night to go on a shopping spree, it is also a good way to engage in the experience of shopping, the highs and lows, a chance to do some comparison shopping, to find new and exciting stores, a preview to new fashion trends (what’s in for the season and what’s to come) and an opportunity to see where the business of fashion is going. Who knows, round up some friends and it becomes are girls and/or boys night out and you may have just found your research team if you are looking to start a fashion business 😉 wink wink. Store Owners and Sales Reps are usually busy chatting up and woo-ing customers on this night (as you can imagine why) lol — so feel free to ask as many questions as possible.  

It’s indeed a fashion street party that you are more than welcome to attend and you surely don’t want to miss all the excitement and sweet steals on your favourite things. So that little black dress, that great pair of jeans, gorgeous heels, cute earrings or designer duds you had to pass up because you just couldn’t make that dollar stretch 😦 no fuss, it probably will be available on that night for “chump change” 😀 you just gotta love a sale. Oh yes, the night when our inner “haggler and negotiator” is proud to take centerstage because in case you haven’t realize you do have bargaining powere here 😉

In the weeks leading up to event, I will have you covered on all the do’s and don’t of FNO shopping, safety rules, where to go, the other stuff to do, how to make it fun for you and your “paaddys” and tip and tricks to navigating the malls cuz for sure, it is gonna be a ‘storm around here”.

Stay in Style with Ease2Elegance for this trending Event FASHION NIGHT OUT – September 6, 2012



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