Dress Rehearsal ~ The Fashionista Flash

You have recently restocked your closet with your new purchases from FNO, so now when you are called to go out; what to wear is no the major issue, it then becomes how to wear it and what time to be ready.

Getting dressed is a head to toe step by step process and a tedious one if you ask me. Since, you have been dressing yourself for the most part of your life, you would already know what your style is like and what suits you almost perfectly, if not perfect!. There are those very frequent but random occasions that call for you to get ready in less than record time. Sadly, you are often not able to say no to those requests and you now become the “fashionista flash” with a dress rehearsal that doesnt result in stabbing yourself in the eye with the eyeliner, straining your ankle running in one foot of heels and other deadly stunts when dressing in a hurry.

Here are a few time saving dressing tips to create the big picture and to help you get ready and out the door on a moment’s notice when your girls call you for a night out or the man who’s had his eyes on you, finally makes it a date and you don’t want to be late 🙂

• In general, it is always a good idea to organize your closet (hint: treat it like a chore) – just the way you do your weekly laundry put like items together and colour co-ordinated if you will. Trust me, in a rush this makes it easier to pick out your clothes.

• For a quick turnaround, choose a onesie (one piece) like a dress, a jumpsuit. Any one item that is easy to slip in and slip out in a matter of seconds.

•Cant decide what to wear, when in doubt, go with something black and get creative with the mix and match. Pair it with a hardware (metals, belt with gold buckle, etc) or a pop of colour in shoes or accessories.

• Lay out what you decide to wear (including underwear, shoes and accessories). Always lay out an option 2 or plan B

• Use your time in the shower to think about the hair and make-up and how it will go with what you decide to wear. These are usually the last things to do and the longest part to get done. Ponytails, a messy top knot are quick options or letting the hair out works as well. Also, if it’s the girl you are rolling with, u can do last minute touch ups in the car.

• The mirror check is a must but don’t completely rely on the mirror. If you are unsure and having one of those “crisis”, have a friend over to assist. Another trick is to share a pic with your bestie for an opinion (let’s face it, sometimes we are not the best judge of ourselves).

The phone rings with an invite to do something in 10 minutes, no sweat, no pressure, you are a super hero in and out the dressing room – so use your forces, lol. It just requires a strategy ( a method to the madness of dressing) to get in the clothes  and out the door in a flash. 

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.  ~Oscar Wilde


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