Do ‘Fall’ for these Fashion Trends!

The astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) begins Saturday, 22 September 2012 and ends Thursday, 20 December 2012. Though we are in the tropics and enjoy the luxury of the sun rays all year round, we can relate to some cooler nights to come, especially in the month’s of November and December. Darker shades and hues are the go to pieces in your closet or when shopping during September to December.

Fashion is one of those things that will challenge you and take you out of your present comfort zone to a new tier of comfort zone (if you know what I mean). I am not saying to do a complete overhaul in a day that people no longer recognize you or identify your style but rather introduce new items of fashion as the seasons change and switch things up a bit. The fact is that you should have fun dressing up, try new things and explore fashion. I previously shared with you what colours are being worn for fall, see the  previous post: Fifty Shades and now I’d like to share with you five (5) cool fall trends to be on the look out for:

1. Chianti  – though this is the name of an Italian red wine produced in Tuscany, the name is also used interchangeably with oxblood in the business of fashion.  This is the rich dark-brownish red colour you have been seeing on runways and in stores now.

Fall Trend - Oxblood (Chianti)
2. Collarsthese are detachable and are worn like necklaces. Be bold and try one today, it takes a simple tank or scoop neck top, blouse or dress and makes it so fashionable.
Fall Trend - Detachable Collar

Fall Trend – Detachable Collar by ease2elegance featuring white jewelry

3. Colour Blocking – this is still going strong and a cool look to pull of anytime of day. What a great way to wear your two or more favourite colours in one outfit 🙂

Fall Trend - Color Blocking

Fall Trend – Color Blocking by ease2elegance featuring a colorblock dress

4. Prints – florals, tribals, animal and patterned – you name them there are IN! 😉 I do warn you to be very careful with prints as the proportion and design isn’t always flattering on every body-type.

Fall Trend - Prints

Fall Trend – Prints by ease2elegance featuring a high heel

5. Sweaters/Cardigans – functional for the day, evening or night chills but also cute for keeping your style on trend.

Fall Trend - Sweaters/Cardigan
The beautiful thing about fashion trends is that they are there to keep us in the know of how styles are changing from season to season and how fashion has evolves over the years. The key is the know what’s in and what’s hot and rework the trends to suit your taste, your style, your body type and the occasion. Remember, it is all about keeping it cute, keeping it sexy and keeping it true to your style.
“You should always feel confident in everything you wear, no matter what trend you fit or don’t fit into” – Rachel Roy

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