If I Was A Boy . . .

I am avid reader of GQ magazines, not just for their sexy male cover models but also sometimes we gals can be inspired by the way our celebrity male crushes or male style icons and/or the  males in our lives dress and in some instances, they put serious effort in their fashion game… so we have no other choice but to adore them and applaud them for working their styles like real men do.

Not that I really wish I was a boy because I so love being a woman :D,  but do you realize that the most famous and well known women and menswear designers are men: Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Steve Madden, Manolo Blahnik, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole, Marc Jacobs and Thomas Burberry to name a few. I have to say these men have style (full stop). They continue to launch some really gorgeous and stylish apparel and footwear that we would commit “fashion crimes and “shoe-i-cide” just to wear an item from their collections. When you want iconic luxury, fashion forward and unexpected designs in your closet, not to mention women’s heels higher than life, you simply look to these guys to make it happen.

It really doesn’t hurt to see what fashions are available to our men and incorporate a few of their looks in our style. Today, let’s visit the Men’s Department 😉 and see what’s in store. Who knows, your eye might spot something that you can get for yourself or your beau. You know you want him to look his best when he steps out with or without you. Mercy!! lol. 

Here are a few of my favourite menswear fashion trends for 2012 (let’s see who steals whose thunder now)


This trend is not for the average Joe, this requires real confidence and the right swag to pull this off. The leather jacket gives that cool biker boy look but with a touch of class. This is where Gentleman meet Rude Boy Swag (or Magic Mike)!


“Blaze-her” trail with a coloured jacket (faded or bright). Not too dressy but not too casual – it is the guy next door look. I’m faded, faded” – loving this faded blue on Trey Songz in pic below.


Every man should own a suit, a well fitted suit in a dark shade like Navy. The should say you are ready for business and you are not afraid to take risks. David Beckham is “balling” in this navy blue suit and don’t be afraid to add a little colour like he does with the red tie.


If he doesn’t have one, get him one as a gift. This trend is a mix of casual cool and sprucely smart. Crisp as a biscuit! Any colour can be worn with it, so it is a necessity for the minimalist and a must have for the fashion forward metro-sexual. Your beau in white pants may give you a heart attack but it’s worth it 😉


You may not be in prison or be a referee, but stripes are a good look and it is one of those essential trends that doesn’t go out of style and come in varying forms. Do it like Drake, whose “shirt got stripe and can make her whistle”.


This is an edgy day time casual trend only for the grown and cool dude. Too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shoes kind of guy. You know you are familiar with one of them 🙂

Fashionistas, you may be good all by yourself but you can be a force when your beau steps up beside you in his fly gear. Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to take on the challenge of being his stylist and start your new side hustle. wink!!

“Menswear is about subtlely, it’s about good style and good taste” – Alexander McQueen


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