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Wash and Wear

Before I even go into this week’s post, we have to give thanks to the Almighty for (1) sparing our lives, (2) minor, very minor physical damage to personal property (3) still having a paycheck after the hurricane (4) a nation of remarkable people (5) that Hurricane Sandy was just a category 1 when she hit the island

Now, have you ever been so unprepared? Like when Hurricane Sandy hit the country and left some areas in total darkness (yet things are back to some level of “normalcy” by the next day – commerce/business, transportation, communication, etc). Jamaica is blessed with a remarkable workforce, even after a hurricane, most companies had a 90% staff complement to carry on business on the following day, just WOW!

Some people were well dressed in usual business like manner and of course, there were the ones like me — who ironing for a whole week of work hasn’t been on their to do list but had to find presentable clothing to be in office  – jeans and a shirt and a pair of flats …. the standard wash and wear (no ironing, just pick out, put on and go).

It may have been one lousy excuse but it was reasonable and satisfactory to just wear the first thing your hand touched. Here is how to do the wash and wear look in emergency situations and Nooooooooo!! this is not a trend but your emergency dressing kit for when there is no electricity). LOL

  • Try to own at least one of those shirts/blouse/tops that requires minimal ironing or already has the subtle wrinkled look as the style.
  • Own a pair of black or dark shade dress pants, skirt or dress (if  jeans is not acceptable for your office environment)
  • Skirt – own one in a stretchy material (like spandex) but appropriate style for work – you can roll, fold and it still doesn’t wrinkle that much.
  • Wear cute shoes, bold accessories and big smile 😀 to take most of the attention away from your clothing
  • Keep hair well style and neat  (and not necessarily in a ponytail but it’s sleek and easy)
  • Enhance the face with a little (note: Little makeup) and believe me, just a dab of lip gloss can do wonders to brighten the face or your gorgeous smile.
  • Use blazers, cardigans, vests and soft sweaters as outerwear to hide most if not all wrinkles on inner/under shirts or tops.

Confidently go about your business as if the outfit was well steamed/ironed and you are looking your best like any other day. Life is good – you can’t get it all together at all times. You can try but we all have a bad wardrobe day 🙂 or do like some I know would day, stay home if you don’t feel like all systems are a go!

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don’t have any clean laundry because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life” – Unknown

Yulz  xoxo

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