Would You Dye For Fashion?

Fashion is a head to toe business. The hair, the makeup, the nails, the clothes, the footwear must all be in check.  How many times have you changed your hair colour within the last 12 months or thinking about it? Would you dye for fashion? I bet you will answer in the affirmative to that.

We all have changed our hair colour or had streaks of hair colour at least twice in our lifetime, why? so we can change up our look and brighten/darken our mane. Changing you hair colour is a simple 1,2,3 step that can take you from drag to fab in minutes (if done properly and goes with your skin tone). Colouring your hair isn’t always the best recommendation you will get from your stylist as it takes a bit of extra care to maintain the colour and to treat your hair to prevent damage. Some of us get lucky that our hair really grows and shines when we colour it 😉 wink wink. So make sure to seek advise from your stylist or do strand tests before you go all out colorful on your mane.

I have a few colour shades I have been liking and watching for a while now, maybe you are thinking to change your mane or add some streaks to it. I’m all for colour so here are a few of my favorite hair colour trends and shades. These trends are hot now but will also  take you crown and glory into 2013 looking even hotter:

  • OMBRE HAIR COLOUR: Stylists have used the term “Ombre” to describe a technique used to colour hair. The word is french meaning shading or graduating. So you go from the darker end of the colour to the lighter shade or viceversa. It has been around since 2012 but has been making waves this summer and will continue the trend.

  • BRIGHT, BRIGHTER, BRIGHTEST: The brighter the better. It is happening with your clothes and your hair is not being left out of this trend. Bright blues, pinks, orange, lime green – you name it you can get your ‘hair did’ it just about any colour. This may not be an appropriate look for work. But the trick on weekends, is to add clip on pieces in your favourite colour.

  • MAHOGANY : Yea, there has to be some subtly somewhere, darker hues never go out of style and always makes you look real sophisticated any day.  Like most hair colours, it instantly gives your face a lift.


  • CARROT TONE : Just as the name suggest, it looks golden but more to the shade of a carrot-tone or bronzer, some kind of orange.  It’s a hint of classy but not too over the top. Again, this is one such colour where it must definitely blend with your skin tone. Persons with darker skin tones are likely to be an obvious contrast.

  • CHESTNUT : a hint of brown, cinnamon tone, this is very gorgeous and goes with most skin tones. It is soft and beautiful. Not too blonde or not too golden, just a shade of brown.

  • FIRE ENGINE RED: looking for that pop of colour to brighten up your face is a lovely way. Red screams “hotness” so what better way to start than on your hair (from the top/the crown). 

SILVER/GUN METAL: What was once reserved for the elderly is now young and hip or as we fashionista put it “edgy”. We’ve seen Kelly sporting her violet gunmetal gray for a while, and recently Pink made an appearnace in London wearing silver hair. Hmmmn, silver hair being edgy (my grandma had a similar hair colour – so was she edgy?) I have to admit it is a nice shade but you have to be rocker chic and edgy to pull this one off.

Before you run to your salon, I’d say get a colour consultation and check out the health of your hair before you dye for fashion. You can even do the at home strand test to see what colour works best for your hair and your skin tone. Don’t want to do the bleaching or dying? clip on strands will be your best friend, they come in all colour and you can add or remove them like you do your usual hair accessories, no rocket science there.

“I recorded my hair this morning. Tonight, I am watching the highlights” – Jay London


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