Retail Therapy

Do you really need a reason to shop?

I’ve done it, my friend’s have done it and I’m sure you have done it on numerous occasions too… try to justify why you need that item of clothing or that new pair of shoes or a single piece of jewellery. You know what, here is a good reason: Retail Therapy.

That’s right, you deserve it. Stop denying yourself of simple things in life, basic things like food, water and clothes. Making excuses NOT to get what you want (or need) is a like shooting yourself in the foot and crippling your “I deserve it” list of things. If not for yourself, pretend you are doing it for someone else (someone dear to you) and enjoy your well deserved retail therapy. I’m not saying go and spend what you may or may not have, but simply indulge in a treat for your closet and your style when you get that.

Retail Therapy as its name suggests is therapeutic, it soothes the mind, mellows the heart and ease that tension headache from whatever issue you were having that drove you to the mall, may pinch your pocket if you don’t budget properly but that my fashionista and friend, is the least of your worries, right. One has to admit, it can be a good breather to just enjoy the Cinderella feeling that a new pair of shoes, a new dress or a new necklace can bring (Vanity, yes!)  and that is perfectly okay as long as it doesn’t become your God. You have spent weeks looking for that dress, that pumps, what is the whole point of finally face to face with  it and then turning your back on the darn thing. I would imagine the minute you decided you want/need the item, you had a plan to get it.

Glamour Magazine (September 2012 issue) noted 10 legitimate reasons to go shopping and from that list, I now share my favourite ones:

#1 Your boyfriend (mate) deserves a little torture, just a little.

#2 You’re supposed to dress for the job you want, and today you decided you want to be the CEO of your company

#3 Because your pre-baby or post-baby body does amazing things and deserves to be dressed amazingly too

#4 You have to jog somewhere, why not to your favourite store.

#5 You’re in a really bad mood and you just. freaking. want. a. new. dress. OK!

That’s right, make up some silly excuses to go shopping and talk yourself into the “WHY” — why you deserved that pair on jeans and deserve it in every shade, why you should get that cute skirt and also a top to match, earrings and bangles to accessorize, you name it, you love it or you like it — you deserve whatever that IT is.

“Whoever said laughter was the best medicine, obviously never went shopping”


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