Hats Off to Fashion

We know our hair is our crown and glory, but there are those hair days when it doesn’t quite feel that way. Those days that you are likely to make an off the wall decision to chop off the hair or do something very drastic with the hair. It is time’s like these or maybe when it is a little chilly, we would opt to wear a hat.

A hat is a easily overlooked accessory but if the proper design style and colour is selected, it can become a very useful addition to your closet. Though hats are usually worn out of a definite necessity, it’s a great little way to fix your mane for the day out. If not for that, just bear in mind the functionality is that it also helps to keep shade your from the sun rays or keeps your head warm during winter/cold months. For a big fashion statement, go for a larger hat, or a brighter colour.

Some  tips to consider when selecting and wearing a hat with your outfits:

  • Always restyle your hair to fit the hat and to secure it on your head.
  • Choose fedora hats when wearing skirts and dresses – this was once just for menswear but now it has made its way into women’s wardrobe with a sexier and cutesy appeal with ribbons, bows or cloth details around them.

  • Choose western hats for beach days or with casual clothing like jeans and tees/button shirts.

  • Try a beret for a chic bohemian look, can pretty much be worn with just about any outfit.

  • For more formal settings in which you love to wear a hat, like weddings or formal dining, choose a fascinator – these are mostly worn by Royalties for lavish formal affairs but you too can adorn yourself in these small, cute hats perfect for petites.

  • Choose a hat in a colour that either match your outfit or is a great compliment to your skin tone.
  • Tilt your hat – a jaunty angle makes you appear slimmer 🙂 or so they say!

Below is a collection of fun, flirty and stylish fashion choices for hats to make you look chic, sexy and on trend.

“And who the cap fit, let them wear it!” – Bob Marley


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