Ease to Elegance

There is no question that I have a soft spot for fashion, a passion for all creative things: art, music , dance and fashion. So it was no wonder that when a friend asked me why I didn’t write articles, giving advice on how to dress, where to shop and what was in style, that I made the concerted effort to start a blog in January. I have to say, ten (10) month’s in and I still feel that joy in writing to my readers about anything fashionable on my own platform, proudly named Ease2Elegance. There are times, when the writing flowed freely and naturally, and there times when I  really had to scratch my head and dig deep into my think tank to figure out what to post each week. Inspiration comes from a myriad of things/places/persons: celebrities, books/magazine, a  TV show or movie, drawings/paintings, music, my friends, family, co-workers, everyday people.

What is Ease2Elegance (E2E)?

Besides being a fashion blog, there is more behind the name Ease2Elegance. When I thought about the name for this blog, I played with many options, like a lot!! After a few days, I realize the best thing about my style is that it’s affordable by my standards, it’s easy to wear and somehow to me a simple look that always come off looking elegant and well-styled …… hhhmmn, jackpot, wouldn’t you say. Did a ‘google’ check to ensure the name was not taken and wallah, I give you “Ease2Elegance” – a blog that makes fashion easy, effortless and fabulous on a shoe string budget for the average and not-so-average fashionista.

How to achieve the Perfect “Ease2Elegance” Look.

Elegance is a an unusual simplicity. It is a standard of tastefulness, refined grace and dignified propriety. Being elegant means well. It is not impossible to do elegant, people just tend to over-think this look. Here are my quick tips to go from ease to elegance if even just for today.

Look Presentable: the first step is to care a little about your appearance. That is really all it takes to make an effort in dressing yourself or call for help (Ease2Elegance). I’m not saying to get glammed and all dolled up head to toe everyday and be overly fussy. I am just saying at least try to look presentable in your outfit and in your going out in the public eye.

Don’t dress just for fashion: fashion is there as a guide for you to buy clothes, it isn’t there to help you look good [that’s where I come in handy:]), so  please do not follow fashion blindly. get to know more about your style, body type, whats suits you and what works on your frame. Think what fashion/styles make you look good or what piece of item you can glam/dress up to make you look good or even feel good too.

Hair: wearing an elegant outfit requires well groomed hair. Consider what you are wearing and what hairstyles would suit the outfit and also the occasion. You wouldn’t want to wear bridal hairstyles to an office dinner.

Makeup: this is great enhancement to your facial features, note enhancement. Do not bake the make-up on. Simplyo for soft palette, fresh makeup and an almost next to natural look for elegance.

Nails: well groomed polished, either just the top shine coat (clear) or a nice colour that goes with your skin tone and/or the outfit. For sakes, just have them manicured and looking decent. Stop biting them, please!!

Underwear: very important, muy importa, c’est très important, need to stress this. Visible Panty Line (VPL) is NOT cute, NOT a do, It’s a ‘Don’t’ and a ‘Try to Avoid’, especially when trying to achieve elegance. Wear thongs, g-strings, slingshots or seamless underwear to stay clear of VPL. And No, No, No, No to going without underwear. This is tasteless, but then that’s a matter of my opinion but Elegance speaks to being tasteful.

Shoes: for an elegant finish, it has to be heels. Doesn’t need to be stilettos but those are “theeeee icing on the cake”. Strappy evening sandals and kitten heels are also a nice touch of elegance. Heels make you look longer and leaner and yes, elegant 🙂

Jewellery/Accessories: let the fun begin but don’t get carried away with the fandangles. Pearls are a sure-fire accessory to achieving an elegant look. You can also try nice gold or silver jewellery for elegance. There are some really nice statement accessories that when worn properly, can create a really nice elegant look for any occasion.

Mannerism/Behaviour: it is all well and good that you look good but mannerism and behaviour comes hand in hand with elegance. Make a greater effort in carrying yourself well as a lady should and be mindful of the words that are coming out of your mouth and the way you posture yourself.

Going from ease to elegant can be achieved by changing one little thing at a time. Dressing and being elegant is a process but it just takes trying simple/easy looks and making it work for you. It starts with the key elements mentioned above. By all means, feel free to do one at a time and ease some elegance into your dress code or try all of them to pull out all the stops to go from ease to elegance in a cost effective approach.

“I feel that my environment reflects my belief in the grace and art and elegance of living simply.” – Bell Hooks


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