The Office Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly and party and don’t hold back …. well you may want to press brakes and hold back a bit for “office party” scene. Yep, my fellow fashionistas – the dates have been set and the invites are being sent for you to attend your office party, you family or friend office party or any office party that has you on their guest list. All in all a good celebration, but one has to be mindful that while it is meant to be a fashionable and entertaining occasion, you still have a code of dress and appropriateness in attire to confirm to. This can often prove difficult, because there is a thin line between an office party clothes and your usual street or clubbing clothes.

In choosing a favourable outfit for an office party, let me start with these warning/caution points:

DON’T #1 : Sheer fabric in inappropriate places. Super sheer fabric is not acceptable in the office under normal circumstances so it best to stay clear of those fabric for an office event. if you are doing sheer, do it tastefully – like the sleeves of a dress or top.

DON’T #2 : Uber casual attire this is street wear and as it name suggest, it is for the streets, “outta road”. So leave the sweats, tees, jeans, sneakers, flats and flip flops for outta road.

DON’T #3 : Don’t wear the highest heels. I’m serious, if you are not known for running in heels at work, don’t choose the night of your office party to wear the highest and most uncomfortable pair of heels in your closet. You are expected to be a little relaxed outside of the office environment so don’t make it any more difficult to have a good time.

DON’T #4: Serious Cleavage, yea I said it – seeeerrriiiioooouuusss cleavage. Some of us are more endowed than some but it is in no way a good look or is it cute to make your cups overflow and assault the eyes of your co-workers. Please do your best to keep the girls safely tucked in.

DON’T #5: Holiday Colours: we love red, we love green, we love whatever colour is being worn during Christmas, but a word to the wise – the Christmas tree is not an outfit nor and accessory to you outfit. Do not decorate yourself in the bright Christmas colours and do not adorn yourself with too many fandangles or ornaments like the tree.

DON’T #5: Too tight, Too short, Too many cut out dresses: again, this is an office party, not the club or the street dance. Peep hole cut out dresses are in but as you can imagine not all of them are appropriate for corporate events so let the dare devil in you choose these styles carefully.

The “Don’ts” are not for you to stifle your style but rather to guide you in presenting the off the clock you but still professional, similiar to a mullet hair cut – business in the front, party in the back…. Rock On!!

The below are some cute options for office party dresses (oh, btw – the LBD – little black dress is an amazing choice for office events)


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