Curvy Girl in a Skinny World

I have a funny feeling this will come back to bite me in the ass (pardon my french) but I have developed some real curves in the last 2 months, which I can only blame on my recent move back to Kingston 🙂 Happy much! but way too many eateries and food runs with friends, pastry shops and their irresistible cakes (and no exercise except challenging myself at every 5K race being held)… a hot mess!! lol.

From the lack of exercise, it seems my hip, thighs and butt have taken on a life of it’s own and I’m now a size 4 in some clothing, so wake up to the fact that I can no longer slide in skinny jeans, I have to wiggle, shake and jump to get in a pair and restrict every kind of movement possible. What to do? I will make the time to exercise starting next week to stay on track but in the meanwhile I have to embrace my new found curves. 

If you are curvy, and you are comfortable in your skin and it works for you and your body type, more power to you for honing it and looking damn good doing it. I am uneasy with these curves and not for the  lack of self confidence, oh heck no – but more so for the attention and shout out and all the rave , girls with real curves would receive 🙂  I’m over it but funny how my mind works, I’ve been randomly singing “I like em bug, I like em chunky” from Madagascar 2 and thought I would write about curvy girls and dressing in a world that mostly designs and tailor clothes for skinny chicks (like me 2 months ago)… rofl 😉


I have  curvy friends who believe me when they get dress they look just as hot as model or even better, so I adore curvy girls who put themselves together really well. Some retailers and designers for curvy girls include: Lane Bryant, Asos Curve, Ashley Stewart, Jessica London, Forever 21 Plus Size and Dorothy Perkins. They make really nice fitted, well suited and fashionable items to hug the curves. You should try a few of these pieces and mix and match.

Here is how to make it work (in my Tim Gunn’ voice):

  • Do get a proper fitting/body measurement by a tailor or dressmaker – that way you have a basic idea of your size to start with.
  • Check the fit on clothing by trying them on, you will not wear the same size in every brand of clothing but at least with an idea you can guess-timate your fit
  • Try fashion, really – you should. I mean experiment with clothing and different styles, a long dress today, a short flirty one tomorrow, a cute shorts here and a cute blouse there. Flats or kitten heels this week and killer one night out heels next week. Play dress up like little girls do to get a feel for what works for you.
  • Don’t be afraid of colour – fashion is fun, and what better way to have fun than with colour. Black is skinny, Black is slimming — may be true but puuulllleeeeeeessssseeee, give it a break and make Red, Blue or Purple your new black.
  • Use Blazers and Cardigan/Outerwear to cover areas you may not want to play up on any given day. We all do that to try and hide a pudgy belly, looser pants to hide chunky thighs, it’s okay. Be sure to show off one area that you are most comfortable with exposing. Have it you flaunt it. Don’t take it too easy 🙂
  • Use belts, oh yes those little accessories work magic, to cinch the waste. In essence, you create more definition in your curve by making the waste smaller.
  • Remember to keep your clothes age appropriate.

Yes, clothing has sizes but fashion and style doesn’t. There may be a lot of skinny girls out there but you know what size makes you happy. So keep it cute, keep it sexy and always keep it true to your style.


Curvy Girl – Evening Look

Curvy Girl - Evening Look

Curvy Girl – Casual/Day Time Look

Curvy Girl - Casual/Day Time Look

Curvy Girl – Office Look

Curvy Girl - Office Look

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – MAYA ANGELOU, attributed, The Butterfly’s Daughter


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