Sweet Sleep

Something sexy is coming up!

We use the phrase “getting ready to go bed” all too often for it to be overlooked. Yep, bed time 🙂 but somehow,  getting ready to go  to bed may turn out to be a chore in itself, and like anywhere else we possible gives sleepwear some thought before slipping under the covers. With that said, I do have to ask: (1) How exactly are you getting ready to go to bed, to go to sleep, to go under the covers? (2)This is the time you say goodnight to the world and shut yourself down from all noise, so (3) Why exactly are you “getting ready” to go bed? 

BED TIME! so now to get ready for bed, do you just roll into bed in what you had on or do you pick out your “sleepwear” for that night? But wait there is more, what is the choice of sleepwear, will it be your birthday suit (naked) or boxers/boy shorts with tees/tank, an oversized t-shirt, or a pajamas set? Does the temperature and time of night you are retiring to bed dictate what you actually wear to bed?

Funny enough, some people put real thought into what they are wearing to bed and never miss a beat with the outfit and on the flip side there are those of us who will just draw for anything ’cause you really need some zzzzs. Comfort is paramount when dressing for bed, if your sleepwear is restricting you from good sleep – toss it, it really isn’t worth all the discomfort.

These are some cool pieces for some sweet and comfy sleep. Plus there is no reason you can’t make sleep sexy and fashionable. It’s your “me time” to awake from your slumber feeling fresh and well rested for the next day. What better way to get your day started than being awaken by the Most High and looking alive, sexy and gorgeous .

“A well spent day brings happy sleep”  – Leonardo da Vinci

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