Dress Code —- Decoded!

‘Tis is the season to be jolly and festive and celebrating the good life. It is a time of year back to to back events and party call for a certain dress code, fully enforced!!

While running down the details of your invitation, you come across that one liner that stops you in midst of your joy :), Dress Code: ??????? 😦 Not sure what is in your closet that suits the occasion, may be a sign to run out and buy, but then what exactly will you buy? ‘Cuz you are still not sure what that dress code means.


No worries, let me walk you through the basics. There are really four base ones to concern your pretty little head about.

Dress Code 1: BLACK TIE

Think “Formal Wear”. Black tie event are usually held in the evening after 6pm and the request for a more formal mode of attire is standard. More recently, there are intermediate codes of “creative,” “alternate” or “optional” black tie. Elegant ball dresses, evening dresses (long, floor length dresses) are an acceptable option. Keep jewellery to a minimal, nice and clean but a statement necklace is a DO! Also try, a strappy evening sandals or peep toe pumps.

Note: Your male counterpart would wear a penguin suit: black are dark suit, white button-down formal shirt, bow tie.

Dress Code Guide - Black-Tie


Less formal than a blackt-tie (slightly informal) as cocktail dresses (knee length) are worn to such events.

Note: Your dude/guest will toss the penguin suit, so think short but respectable length cocktail dress, skirt suit, pants suit to wear to an event that states this mode of dress.

Dress Code Guide - Lounge Suit/Cocktail

Dress Code Guide – Lounge Suit/Cocktail by ease2elegance featuring a polyester suit


Dress Code 3: SMART CASUAL

This is the traditional elegantly casual. A more relaxed mode of dress BUT NO FLIP FLOPS OR SHORTS. Think garden party or dressing for an important lunch or posh barbecue. This really means just be on trend ans mart with your casual look. Cute skirt and blouse, a chick dress, statement tote and jewellery, wedges can work for this as well.

Note: Your male companion can wear khaki or neutral pants, dressy jeans with relaxed casual button down shirts.

Dress Code Guide - Smart Casual
It cannot get any more plain than what it says, business attire. Dress as if you this was your face day on the job, hhhmmn…. that may be a poor reference but essentially, dress for work. Think like a boss and dress like a boss, an business lady/heir to her thrown 🙂 — Dress Like a Lady, Boss it Up Like a Man!
Dress Code Guide - Business Attire

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