Holiday Style Tips

Whoop-di-Dooo, life of the party! Yay! let the festivities begin. The Christmas holiday is drawing nigh and before you know it’s the new year. You know we love to celebrate everything so there are loads of parties to attend for the year end and to ring in the new year. Life is Good so C’mon let’s celebrate 🙂 and do it in style and fashion.

While that little black dress (LBD) is a good choice, the Christmas holiday is the best time of year to “not play it safe” with fashion. Sadly, it is also a time of year when people get carried away with the dressing and end up decorating themselves like the Christmas tree – this is soooooo not cool!

The holidays does not require you to dress any old how, it is an opportunity to show your creativity and style of dress. Getting super glam and puuurrrty just got a whole lot more interesting. Here are a few ideas to switch things up for gorgeous look s this holidays season’s party scene.

SKIN is in: bare a little skin this holiday and do it tastefully. a little cut out here and a little cut out there. maybe some back baring, whatever floats your boat or rock the ship, I’m just saying :). It’s the small peak and a big reveal so play up your favourite asset.


CHAMPAGNE: hey, it’s a holiday so what better colour to wear. Close to nude tones (so try nude/tan as an option). Make toasting to the holidays worth it, in a  fitting , sexy silhouette nude or champagne dress.

Champagne dresses

SEQUINS: I don’t mean razzle dazzle and sparkling craze. I’m talking moderate shiny details, just a hint of sequin to give that liquid/fluid like appearance. While you make sparkle like the Christmas lights, be sure not to do all over sequin without other interesting details: cut outs, bare shoulder, legs, gorgeous updo, etc.


LACE: this detail on a dress is to die for, well not literally, but with a little lace (when done properly) shows elegance, taste and class


PARTY MODE: Festive, yes! so don’t forget to have fun even with your outfit 🙂 Most importantly, try not lose yourself in dressing for the holiday party scene. Just do fashionably chic and stay true to your style.


It’s the holidays, do something different and remarkable. Remember to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones and do it with style and grace. Life is short, give thanks  and celebrate everything good and kind. Happy Holidays!


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