Seven (7) Days to Christmas Shopping

Let the count down begin! Hope you have started your Christmas shopping or made your wish list cuz the holidays are just around the corner 🙂 If not, you have 7 days to figure it out and get a move on for that mad rush to get gifts by Christmas Eve.

The key to this whole shopping thing is to a 1-2-3 step:

1) Decide who makes the list: let’s face it you are not Santa Clause so you may not be able to get everyone in your life a gift, so decide how many persons and who you can reasonably afford to get a gift (small or large) – even a greeting card sometimes does the trick.

2) Budget, Budget: know how much you have overall to spend and how much you are able to spend on each person on Christmas list.

3) Have a game plan: make a list of who is getting what, the category of items to purchase and where, so that when it is time to hit the shops, you know exactly what you are getting and where.

One person f0r sure who will make it on your list is your significant other. So let’s look at some gift ideas for that special someone:


For that special lady in your life, tangible gift ideas include: jewellery, clothing, shoes, handbag, makeup, perfume, electronics (phones, music gadgets, laptops, tablets, etc), household items, etc.




For the gentleman in your life: electronics (phones, music gadgets, laptops, tablets, gps, etc), cologne, shoes, stainless steel jewellery, clothing: dress shirts/tie, jeans, alarm clock :), etc

The best you can give anyone is your time and love, those things are more lasting and meaningful to someone. Do something special for someone this Christmas and give the gift that keeps on giving “Share a Smile this Christmas”

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other” – Burton Hills


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