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Style Guide: Draped Fashion

A must have closet fix for this season is a draped garment. Be it a blouse, a skirt, sweater or a dress. It it such a great details to help cover up those extra 5lbs you possible gained during your holiday feast. It is a genius way to hide any bulge without looking too dowdy, as long as the draping flatter tours body and play down the areas you want to hide and accentuate the assets.

When draping is tastefully done, it makes a simple piece of garment become interesting, so can the person wearing the style ;). Draping has a very dramatic effect on fashion/styling as it gives the illusion that the item is on the more expensive side/price point. You just  gotta have something with this fashion detail that borderlines high fashion and can be acquired for less than a fraction of the high end runway prices.


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