Happy New Year *clicking heels* :D.  Most of us have our resolutions down on paper and I’m sure you have started working on a few, whether it is to lose some weight, travel to a new place, buy this, buy that, save more. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish, it is a new beginning and a fresh start to making the your dream life and lifestyle a reality. It is no different with Fashion, there are new styles and variations to try and a new statement to make in your wardrobe and styling as the year goes by. There are changes to be made, clothes to be tossed to make room for a new wardrobe to rummage through.

Here are just a few of the trends to look forward to for the year 2013:


Hot Trends 2013 - Pencil


Hot Trends 2013 - Graphic Prints


Hot Trends 2013 - Sheen


Hot Trends 2013 - Florescent (Neons)

FLOWER POWER (retro style)

Hot Trends 2013 - Flower Power (Retro Style)

Hot Trends 2013 – Flower Power (Retro Style) by ease2elegance featuring retro shirts


Hot Trends 2013 - Whites



Hot Trends 2013 - Candy Stripes
“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” ― Anna Wintour

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