Your Fashion-Scope

You love glimpsing at your daily horoscope, a peek in the “what your day may be like”. There are known astrologers who can predict your choices in clothes, in complete set of wardrobe and accessories based on your zodiac sign. No, I am not one of them (lol) 😀 but let me share some details of what I’ve come across about your “fashion-scope”.

Capricorn Profile: December 22 – January 19

This person is sophisticated, sensitive, simple, brilliant, , patient, ambitious, fearless and loves to be seen in public looking their best. Capricorns doesn’t try hard and are neat and clean in their dressing. Their wardrobe is full of  glamour not glitz, and has clothes that may be a little tight and show a little skin, but never trashy. Capricorn’s best colors are black, green, gray, indigo, violet, and any other dark colors, tans, brown, blue and khaki.

Aquarius Profile: January 20 – February 18

This person is original, eccentric, independent, intellectual, unique, friendly, easy-going, communicative, born to be fabulous and famous.Prefers modern and futuristic styles and always looks stunning. A creative stylish personality but often opt for unique black garments, not much a colour person but will try for the sake of fashion. Aquarius best colors are warm dusty, electric blue, silver, copper, titanium, white, violet, light yellow, black. Neon and other bright colours are mainly attractive to a bold Aquarius woman.

Pisces Profile: February 19 – March 20

This person has an overactive imagination, sensitive, goes with the flow, creative, a dreamer, sympathetic, compassionate, a free spirit, intuitive, artsy, humorous but shy. Pisces has a sixth sense that works magic when it comes to style, is very good at expressing their personality through clothes, knows how to wear their clothes, dresses in a singular style, like wearing romantic looking dresses, jeans and denim. Pisces’ best colors are blue, watery, light green, violet, any color combination.

Aries Profile: March 21 – April 19

Aries are usually the first to pick up fashionable style and clothing. They are energetic, innovative, original, contemporary, bold, passionate, irresistible, full of allure, creative and caring. They are made to design and conquer fashion. Their style is simple geometric patterns, tailored, sleek modern interpretations of classics and a balance between the masculine and feminine elements, like the finest cut with soft necklines.  Aries best colors are solid and wild, acid-toned neon, the fewer the colors the better.

Taurus Profile: April 20 – May 20

Taurus is artistic, sensual, loyal, harmonious, practical, strong-willed and mysterious, with a strong love for beauty, comfort, and the finest things in life. They choose simple styles but with expressive elements. Their style is tasteful and tailored clothing is essential. Loves causal and comfortable elegance, and wears clothes that give sensual pleasure. Taurus prefers skirts and pants, short sleeves, V-necks, logo patterns, real to artificial and layered clothing. The best colors for Taurus are nature like sandy earth tones, warm/light browns, pastels, blues.

Gemini Profile: May 21 – June 20

With a youthful, curious, graceful, witty, versatile, adventurous personality, the fashion style for a Gemini is neutral. A Gemini likes the feeling of being free to move around and dressing in one style, all the time, is not that of a Gemini. They prefer clothes with movement and will try anything fashion throws their way. Loves to wear trendy, edgy and fresh styles, however balance is essential for their peace of mind. Gemini’s best colors are yellow, bright blues, hot pinks, vibrant oranges and white.

Cancer Profile: June 21 – July 22  (Yulando – June 25)

Cancerians are creative, sensitive, romantic, tenacious, loves comfort, helpful, caring and kind. For a Cancerian, quality never goes out of style and is often well dressed and feels secure about themselves. Their style is modern and fashion forward; however often avoid fashion fads. The best colors for a Cancerian are black, green, blues, gray, white, soft lavender, yellow, orange and indigo.

Leo Profile: July 23 – August 22

Their style is dramatic, fashionable and of top quality. Talk about confident, gracious, kind, loyal, passionate, romantic, powerful, dramatic then you are speaking of Leo.  With a magnetic personality, they like recognition and are usually great at performing – their image means the world to them. Not a fan of uniforms and they possess the gift of absolute personal style and attitude. Leo’s best colors are gold, bronze, red, bright sunny colors, burnt colors like burnt orange, burnt sienna, also yellow, and any bold and dramatic color combination.

Virgo Profile: August 23 – September 22

Virgos often looks perfectly polished. They are charming, sensual, sophisticated, opinionated, diligent, modest, an exquisite breed, dedicated and are perfectionist. Suits, dresses and suit dresses are ideal outfits for Virgos – their style lets other people know what they are about. Virgo’s best colors are medium browns, earthy greens, blue, white, black, neutrals, yellow-green, brown and cream. Their defining colors are black and white.

Libra Profile: September 23 – October 22

This person prefers to blend into the background, the most tasteful in the zodiac, usually sticks to traditional looks though looking attractive is essential.  Libras are compassionate, straightforward, elegant, refined, kind, timid, flirtatious, and opinionated. They will make a fuss about wearing the right thing, unity and harmony is at the core of their wardrobe – their looks must stay balanced and sophisticated. Libra’s best colors are beige, grays, pastel shades, softest blues and greens, champagne colors, pearly gray shades, green, pink, purple – colors that blend well

Scorpio Profile: October 23 – November 21

Scorpios likes to show off their curves and likes to wear the latest looks and the hottest designs. They have the power to transform the world around them, intense, mysterious, powerful, exciting, determined, sensitive, passionate, magnetic, sexual nature, energetic, compassionate, emotional and poised. Scorpio’s best colors are tones in deep purple, deep red, black plum, mid-night blue, frosty blues and greens, silver and white, blue-green, burgundy.

Sagittarius Profile: November 22 – December 21

This free spirited zodiac is optimistic, honest, fun, adventurous, outgoing, the life of the party, delightful, happy, sensual, independent, philosophical and imaginative. Bold prints and patterns are staples in their wardrobe. They prefer clothing that is informal than dressy, free of movement, easy, effortless beauty. Their favorite clothes change from day to day. With an eclectic wardrobe, they are trailblazers by nature. Sagittarius best colors are pink, bright jewel tones (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple), blue, royal blue, white, earth tones like orange, brown, and yellow.

You style is all in the cards 🙂



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