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Closet Fitness – Work It Baby!

I trust that you are keeping that 2013 resolution you made to yourself to exercise more, get fit and stay healthy. That alone in itself takes work! However, it is never too late to start, that’s the best part of making promises to yourself, lol… you have the right to move the timelines and put in the work on your initiative at your own leisure. When you don’t do it at all is when you end up in problems 😀 lol. So whether you chose to do yoga, a little jog here and there, lay on the couch and lift the remote or challenge your bodies to P90X or Insanity, make sure you look are working up a sweat in some cute and cool gears. Sweating isn’t cute by itself so you have to look good doing it.

Let get to work (in my trainer’s voice):

(1) Fashion Forward Fitness:

Trends change for any kind of clothing and so it is for workout gear, however the basic styles always be readily available. Add a few trendy pieces to your closet and freshen up your collection of work out gears but keep a classic black stretch pants or tights.

(2) Versatility

Gym fees can be very expensive but your work out gear doesn’t have to match the membership fees Chose versatile gears that you can switch around, pair with other pieces and wear season to season and allows for layering without looking stuffy.

 (3) Comfort

Comfortable work out gear is a must so before you go for a run or head to the gym, check out your work-out clothes to ensure you are packing the right gear. Opt for clothes made from performance fabrics such as polyester and/or Lycra blends. A little more expensive but last longer and keep you comfortable during your workouts. Cotton is a comfortable material, but when you sweat it will trap the perspiration and cling to your body.

(4)  Perfect Fit

Baggy clothes is a no no! Boost your confidence with closer fitting apparel. Choose gears that flatter your assets. If you feel good and look good, exercising will be a good thing in your routine. Frumpy and heavy clothing is no good during your workout. Big pants are not the most appropriate for a Spinning class, and loose tops will embarrass you during the downward dog pose in yoga class, especially if the girls are not cuddled in a good sports bra. 😀 lol.


Check out these options and shop these fitness trend to stick it!

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