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Chic and Simple Blazers/Jackets

Hello Fashionistas,

It is always nice to get dressed up and looking your best but fashion can do a number on some of us. While a piece of garment may look good on the runway models, in a magazine or in the store, sometimes it really isn’s a “DO” when we purchase it or try it on.

However, breathe easy as it is not the case with blazers, jackets or outerwear. While designers create pieces using their muse, unless you are one of ém models, you are going to try the same top or bottom in a few sizes to get the right fit and possibly have tailor on standby to get it together 🙂 Nothing wrong with that….it’s never a one size fits all for clothing. Oh the horror!!

Jackets/Blazers are a nice way to dress up or dress down a look, to cover up or to pull a look together…no more pull overs please — chic and cute jackets are the thing. I’ve put together some chic styles for you to shop for or a few ideas for making your blazer your favourite go to item from your closet.  



Blazer Sharp!
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