Sensible Summer Sandals

“When I met you in the summer to my heart beat sound, we fell in love til the leaves turn brown” – Calvin Harris. Don’t you just love the song “Summer” 🙂 … the best time of year to show your artistic designs courtesy of your well done pedicure — feet and nails did!!… with a little stripe here, dots there, throw in some glitter, you name it your nail tech should be able to create it.

It is in the same fashion, you pick sensible nail polish and designs for your toes that you should approach the right type of  sandals to wear at your summer events. I have seen and pondered why ladies choose to wear heels (evening sandals nonetheless) to beach parties. A thing I will never understand and won’t spend time on. Rather than try to balance yourself if stripper heels at the beach, I can only encourage you to stop being a joke… and pick sensible sandals.

If you love heels that much, let us try some wedges… they are high, will elevate your stance and support good posture and when dorn properly are an absolutely gorgeous look to a simple outfit.

Here are some simple, yet chic summer sandals … that won’t break the bank and can take you throughout the rest of the year if you feel so led. If you don’t know where to get them, I am more than happy to let you know 🙂


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