Little Yellow Number


Because I am HAPPY…so fun, so bright, so flirty, so mellow like the colour, YELLOW.    Now there is a colour everyone should try, step aside black and red, my LYD (little yellow dress) will do some damage.

Yellow is one of those colours, most people seem to stay away from but it is really not bad at all. In fact its so pretty and makes a statement on it owns, you just need to choose one item in the colour and spice it up or tone it down with neutrals. Big Bird should be the only thing allowed in public in a full suit of yellow [Please DO NOT attempt to go anywhere like this, not even to bed].

Here are some simple ways to wear an item in the pop of colour [Yellow]

Dress: pair a nice A-Line yellow dress with simple details with a nude/tan heels

Yellow Dress [Nude/Tan Shoes]

 Yellow Dress [Nude/Tan Shoes] by ease2elegance featuring nude shoes


Shorts/Pants: Try a high-waisted shorts with a white lace or blue/white print crop top OR opt for jeans/pants and nice structured jacket and camisole/tees and killer heels [manageable height]

Yellow Shorts/Pants

Yellow Shorts/Pants by ease2elegance featuring platform pumps

Skirt: get cute and flirty with the skirt, whether you want to swing and twirl OR be fitted and fun… let the skirt go to work and all other piece of clothing fall into place.

Yellow Skirt


Tops: this is usually the hardest piece but the same principle apply, if you are wearing yellow on the top, keep the lower half neutral and preferably solid. However, a nice yet simple print bottom would go well with a plain yellow top. Having a yellow tailored jacket is a plus in your wardrobe as well.
Yellow Tops



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