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Denim Skirt Trend

Summer is almost, almost, almost, almost done. Lucky for us here in Jamaica … it’s always summer. I noticed that Denim Skirt made quite the splash this season and it really is one of those trend you can wear in the colder months as well. Denim in any form is a staple, a pair of jeans, rompers/jumpers, skirts, shorts, a jean shirt or crop top…. many forms from which to choose. So how exactly can you wear knee length Denim Skirt without looking dowdy? Well, here is how I would recommend your rock this trend and guess what, I leave it up to you to make your won choice of footwear 🙂

1) With a soft blouse/dress shirt

Blouse/Dress Shirt with Denim









2) With a T-shirt

Tees with Denim









3) With a camisole

Camisole with Denim










4) With a loose-fitting tank top

Loose Tank with Denim










5) With Denim Shirt [Denim on Denim]

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