Ease2Elegance was created by Yulando Lee for all the fabulous ladies in my life (be it friends, family, co-workers and associates) who are always seeking advice on what to wear, where to buy and how to style or put together an outfit for an event. Pretty much females with whom I’ve come in contact with in my daily life, who love to look great but also not trying to break the bank to do so.

It is designed to be a personal “fashion and shopping pal” that is easily accessible with information on great finds, style tips, stores and shopping sources and much more for fashion forward frugal sisters like myself.

The owner and writer, Yulando is creative, smart, beautiful and very well styled. I love fashion and my individual style is often described as chic and sophisticated with a sense of sexy. I have a fun and warm personality and I am willing to assist you with your fashion questions and concerns as best as I can. I am also hoping to learn a thing or two from my readers as well 🙂


Yulando Lee

Fashion Blogger/Stylist
Ease2Elegance (E2E)

Business Email:
Phone: 876.425.1786
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Ease2Elegance is a personal blog written and edited by me. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own and they are based on my own experiences and those of fellow colleagues.   This blog accepts forms of advertising, sponsorship, insertions/mentions or other forms of compensation. For any further questions about this blog, please contactthe above named person.


2 responses

  1. Is it that men don’t shop as well?……..just wondering how come no one writes to give us advice……how come?

    1. Lol, I will give it some thought. I try to write what I have experienced and being a woman 🙂 it was more fitting to write about women’s fashion. Don’t feel so left out

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