E2E Haute Pursuit

This is your personal navigation and directory to local stores, online shops and independent suppliers where you will find items that fit your style, your budget and your personality.


  • David & Subs Outfitters     Hip Strip, Montego Bay, Ja.                                                         Phone: 876-952-8377 or 876-971-6983
  • Grandeur Femme     Shop#12, 7th Avenue Plaza, Kingston, Ja.                                                      
  • JunePlum     Shop 6D Mall Plaza Kingston 10, Ja.     Phone: 876-908-7586
  • The BLVD     Shop #33 Portmore Town Centre, St. Catherine, Ja.          BB Pin: 327E6E9E       Phone: 876-867-9697 / 876-841-0692 /  876-862-7204      Email:


  • Rose Walcott     Kingston, Jamaica     Phone: 876-409-2218
  • ChicNSavVy Accessoires  (french)   Montego Bay, Jamaica     Phone: 876-410-7628          Email:


  • Mary Kay Cosmetics (Contact: ROBIN)  Phone: 876-367-6827                                          Email:


Click Here:

Click here:  (note: they do not accept local (JA) issued credit card online but you can settle your order via phone

Shopping Tip: check if item is available on and compare price.


2 responses

  1. very happy for the hook-up. now i know the “must-visit” stores whether im in mobay, kingston or permore. Thanks my fashionista!!!!

    1. Thanks Brina, U know I got you 😉

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